The Brother’s War


I just finished my new (old) book lastnight and it was a great read. Called “The Brother’s War” by Jeff Grubb it’s a Magic the Gathering series 1 of 4 that uses the timeline of the Artifacts Cycle (See expansion set Antiquities). During my reading I got inspired to ebay up and buy a Mishra’s Workshop and an Arigivian Archeologists. I have most of the card set minus the big ticket ones that range from $50-100.00 ea. But I will get the set done or my name isn’t M-O-O-N. Not that any of you plan on reading the book but if you need a good read pick it up and it’s subsequent series, the next one is “Planeswalker” by Lynn Abbey. For those who have played Magic the Gathering you will know the main characters and supporting roles. Mains are Mishra and Urza, with Tawnos and Ashnod. Side characters like Feldon, the Thran and Gix and artifacts like Dragon Engines, Ornothopters and various cards/thing appear in the book and helps to see the background of the world of Dominiaria. The cool thing about the series is you do not have to play Magic to understand the concepts of what is going on. I highly recommend this book! I found mine at the 1/2 Price book store for $1.99.

Lastnight in the world of warcrack I had planned on doing the Tarren Mill raid but got sidetracked but was able to log in a few mins before our walk. (Alix and I go on neighborhood walks to not be so lazy) and was told that the raid was successful. WOOOT! World PvP is very fun!~ til the Horde show up like tribbles. Then you get spanked, then you spank them, back and forth for awhile til you get over run. Best time to do these small town raids is NOW since most of the Horde are little kids in school so when summer time comes…your screwed….see Tribbles….




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3 responses to “The Brother’s War

  1. What’s Up Old SchooL? So not sure if you have been following the story, but I have started to incorporate the time machine into it. You seem to be a hard core gamer / science guy, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t selling anyone short.

    Are there rules to time travel that you know about? Do you get annoyed if they don’t follow the rules of quantum physics?

    Hope all is well in your world.


  2. All is well in THIS world as I believe we create our own personalized one. It resets itself when you fall asleep then your mind recreates it from past experiences or rather what the mind made up before. Basically you are recreating your world everyday.

    Rules on time travel? Just what I’ve seen on the big screen ; Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3. as well as “Peggy Sue Got Married”, “The Time Machine” and several books. I think if one is going back in time then there should be a preview of where you go before you go. Trip would end up quickly if you materialized infront of a train or bus. So the quantum physics is not applied since one cannot currently travel back in time.

    I’ve been busy with work but will stop by and catchup on your writing.



  3. It was a fun raid, my first actually. The guys said even tho I wasn’t 70 I needed to get my hind end over there and kill stuff.

    When the Horde showed, the first couple tried to defend TM and didn’t do well. So they reorganized and counterattacked SS. When we responded to that they were there in force with good healing and we died. A lot. Still it was fun.

    I had almost as good a time running around STV with Name. He finished several quests and we got some good PVP there as well. In fact, he went AFK for about half an hour and I hid (stealthed) in the bushes with my cat (also stealthed). This Horde Mage kept coming by to take him out, and the kittie and I kept (Old) Schooling him.

    Most fun I have had on the server!

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