Multi-Guild Party Tonight!

Santha, The Old School Academy Guild Master Queen and my future Mom-in-Law will be hosting a multi guild party tonight starting at 8pm Server Time. Location will be Beggars Haunt in Duskwood. Several themes and contest will be a plenty including Dueling, Naked Fish Fist Fights, Pets Wars, Races and a multitude of games and gold/gear/food/bag prizes. The guilds invited include The Old School (OS), The Old School Academy (TOSA) and Alliance of Death (AoD) run by Mikiella and co. Santha and her guildies did a lot of organizing for this event and I would hope some of your OS members would stop by for at least a few minutes or couple hours and just say “Hi!”. Alix and I are planning on being there for at least 1/2 hour before we have to do some real life family stuff. So don’t be square. Daddy-O! Show up, be social, duel, represent OS proudly! 



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2 responses to “Multi-Guild Party Tonight!

  1. Was good to meet you at lunch man! Like I said there tho, I can’t make it tonight… unless it runs really long.

    First Guild I have been in that did social events. I would have liked to attend. Maybe next time.

    N }:-

  2. Ya dittos very nice meeting you as well. Log bought 2 shirts. =D
    NP on the guild party, it most likely be very few OS and TONS of TOSA. They are a very active guild especially in the form of social events. As we talked about I should be on laters tonight and we can do ZF a couple times.


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