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Grace Park….nuff said.


Our weekend was mucho-fun-o. It was full of laziness and games. I purchased the Guitar Hero DS on Thursday and by this morning had probably logged 20+ hours by Alix, Ashton and Meg. I played about an hour before the early onset of Carpal was cramping my style. I need to have tip top hands for not only my career but for clicking buttons on World of Warcraft, dammit. Still, it was an excellent purchase and now am looking to get the real version for our Wii this coming weekend. To me, the value you get for your entertainment buck is well worth the $29-$50.00 you pay for a game vs. going out to an Arcade or Movie or even going out to dinner. It was amazing Saturday night we all ended up in my sons room, he was playing “Black”, Alix is was rockin out and Meg had bought Super Mario for her own DS– Merlot (our Poodle) was taking turns on open laps. I was watching my son’s ability to BOOMHEADSHOT from way distanced shots and wondered to myself if I should limit his gaming on shooters…..the boy CAN shoot (ingame), then I’d have to beat the boss on Super Mario Bauser to help out Megs. It was a nice feeling, family n gaming. Yeah, I know we should all get out and ride bikes, save the whales, plant trees and kill terrorists on the weekend but we had fun just the same. 

Guild News in General

AK is on a Midsummer Festival BONANZA run and ended up with 247 fire thingies for the event, just need over 100 then might go another 350 to get both Unique Items. I love to collect things ingame and real life…packrat am I. 

 Logtar did a wonderful fill in spot this weekend in Kara as Wootbeer as Off Tank and soon will be manning it himself as Logtar. We had a very good group Friday with Kara and got to Maiden and 3 shot her. No great drops but not bad for 3 hours of 50% guild rest pugs. Next night was another pug with only 3 OS and 1 from previous night and couldn’t get past Little Red Riding hood due to some of the groups lack of experience and bad luck. Bad luck being when our tanks get to be LRRHood and can’t run fast enough…but def. made for some entertainment.  We lost another member “Trahlys” lastnight didn’t say why, such is life, but I think we’ll be getting more members this week or next, I’ve been lax in recruiting as still a bit gun shy on making a push for new members. We’ll see, plus I’d be happy if we slimmed down more and had 45-50 solid players. 

Please download all mods necc. for raiding- see the blog roll for links to the Threat Meter, Deadly Boss Mods and similar add-ons. Also get the Group Calendar as it is a great way to schedule events and track cooldowns and many other options. I use curse gaming wesbite as it seems to be the most stable and easy downloads, ALSO for those who are having issues with our Vent server or simply too lazy to download or skeeered of talking on the net, DON’T BE. Hell, you don’t even have to talk but you MUST have the Vent on for Raids. Give in, do it. 



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Ode to G.C.

I don’t like words that hide the truth. I don’t like words that conceal reality. I don’t like euphemisms, or euphemistic language. And American English is loaded with euphemisms. Cause Americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality. Americans have trouble facing the truth, so they invent the kind of a soft language to protect themselves from it, and it gets worse with every generation. For some reason, it just keeps getting worse. I’ll give you an example of that.

There’s a condition in combat. Most people know about it. It’s when a fighting person’s nervous system has been stressed to it’s absolute peak and maximum. Can’t take anymore input. The nervous system has either (click) snapped or is about to snap.

In the first world war, that condition was called shell shock. Simple, honest, direct language. Two syllables, shell shock. Almost sounds like the guns themselves.

That was seventy years ago. Then a whole generation went by and the second world war came along and very same combat condition was called battle fatigue. Four syllables now. Takes a little longer to say. Doesn’t seem to hurt as much. Fatigue is a nicer word than shock. Shell shock! Battle fatigue.

Then we had the war in Korea, 1950. Madison avenue was riding high by that time, and the very same combat condition was called operational exhaustion. Hey, we’re up to eight syllables now! And the humanity has been squeezed completely out of the phrase. It’s totally sterile now. Operational exhaustion. Sounds like something that might happen to your car.

Then of course, came the war in Viet Nam, which has only been over for about sixteen or seventeen years, and thanks to the lies and deceits surrounding that war, I guess it’s no surprise that the very same condition was called post-traumatic stress disorder. Still eight syllables, but we’ve added a hyphen! And the pain is completely buried under jargon. Post-traumatic stress disorder.

I’ll bet you if we’d of still been calling it shell shock, some of those Viet Nam veterans might have gotten the attention they needed at the time. I’ll betcha. I’ll betcha.

~ George Carlin


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Did someone fart on me overnight?


I have pink eye. I’ll wait while you chuckle and think of the nastiness of pink eye. Watching “Knocked Up” you may know what the title means, if not then read up on it. I wear contacts which makes my eyes a lot more vulnerable to infections of which I tend to get one once a year, and this was  it. I think I got it from going to the Casino Monday Night (Harrahs) and punching the slot machine buttons. If you’ve ever been to a KC Boat Casino (think a huge supposedly floating boat that sits in a pool of mud next to the Missouri River) you know that it’s not like Vegas, not that Vegas is glamourous but still….KC doesn’t exactly have hot sexxy people running around like ; Houston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, NY, L.A. (never been but I watch E!, etc.)  I prolly ended up rubbing my eyes from the smoke and boom…pink eye. Why am I telling unknown strangers? Cuz I got nothing else to tell you. Anyhoo, I won just over $130.00 minus my ATM withdrawl playing the penny slots which basically become $1.00-$1.50 slots (I play max) and got lucky with some take home moola, Alo wasn’t so lucky but she lasted 2.5 hours on $40.00 and thats pretty darn good. We we’re originally going there for the 7pm Poker Tourney but arrived a bit late…lucky for them!!! 

AutumnKnight officially became Exalted with the Shattered Sun faction and I bought her 2 of the rings, one for heal spec and one for dps spec, gotta have both! I highly recommend going out to the Isle and getting it done as it’s HIGHLY lucrative if not the single most lucrative hour one can spend in WoW. Mentioned this before but one can do the daily quests there and in one hour make 90g. Add 30g more if you do the Outland dailies for the isle plus you WILL get approx 50-75 Netherweave and 3-4 Green 68+ gear drops and ton of gold selling worthy crap gray drops. Just do it, trust me. Also if you happen to be a JC the island NPC’s are choc’full of recipes. You will run into Horde as it’s a contested Isle but we’re on a PvP server so suck it up.

We have a Group Calendar Raid set for 7pm ST for Karazahn, please download the addon as it will be the primary source for us to organize runs/raids/meetings. It also will calculate your cool downs showing you when it’s due up by the hour and remind you every 15 mins just before it’s ready. Very cool features. I have signed up Autumn and Wootbeer, for Woot I was going to ask Logtar to man him since he’s pretty used to Warriors but it IS a Friday night so I doubt it will happen. =D Doesn’t hurt to ask. If we have excess heals or tanks I can always switch but the odds of that happening is aiken to navigating thru a asteroid field. (post the odds without looking it up). 

Ahune, (click Ahune for the loot and strat breakdown.) the new boss event for the midsummer fires event going on was an interesting fight yesterday…..Eastonmall invited me to pug it up as heals and I also invited Axloon but little did we know the main boss was a 73 elite frost boss so Axloon (mage) being a frost spec had a hard time doing the DPS, seems that’s not exactly a fair dinkum for Mages spec’d that way…well we wiped 4 times before Axloon left us and our Tank (Fpwnsalot) LOL left us in disgust, which was a good thing. We got “Animals” as a replacement and only wiped once, took down Ahune on the 2nd try…Now the bad news, we got a bug. The boss died then went POOF, we didn’t get the credit for the kill let alone any loot….but it was a learning experience. Wiki states it’s a known bug and to remedy it is to let phase 2 of the fight happen then kill him…Please do check out the wiki link to see how to play your toon.



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The Art of Jewel Crafting

Autumn’s 2nd week into JC and shes up to 202 out of 375 levels. I’ve done some initial calculations and so far I’ve spent 2 gold per level. I can only see it going up as I progress. I am off-setting the cost by doing my own mining with my 3 miners; Wootbeer, Husker and Seancassidy. I also have excellent help from Logtar, Recurve and a couple others who will send me mats (materials) as I request and I do tend to pay them fair market value. Currently am needing truesilver, citrine and gold. I have found an excellent guide here. Lastnight I took Wootbeer on his Hinterlands round where I can get 1-2 stacks of Mithril and 1 stack of Iron Ore (for prospecting). This type of profession is much more hands on as I have to get out there in the land of Oz to get what I need, I love the prospecting action. What that entails is a skill where the JC can take a stack of ore (not bars) and prospect for gems in increments of 5. So I can prospect 4 X in 1 stack of 20. The percentages are around 30% of getting any one specific gem. Higher odds for common and lower for rarer gems. I am very lucky to have Wootbeer a full blown Master Armorsmith and Master Mining as her skill set as without that I would not have taken this profession on.


Listed below are some great link/resources for leveling up JC. Excuse the ads on WoW Gold Buying, can’t help who sponsors these sites.


Jewel Guide

Almost Guide

Wow_Wiki Guide

WoW Official Guide

Hopefully within 2 weeks I will hit level 300 to cut some gems of value, I’ve been collecting ever since this profession became live. I will always cut for free for guildies provided you supply the mats. Wish me luck on another expensive journey (but still fun).




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What Would Obama Do (WWOD)

Listening to an episode of Rush today he made a valid point about the current views on terrorism and what the Democratic Nominee would DO if they (the USA) actually caught OSAMA bin Laden ALIVE. Heres a article about his views. Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait. The idea of capturing Osama (Not Obama) and bringing him to trial seems something out of an episode of the Twilight Zone. Here we are sending in our Elite Troops, Black Ops, Bombs, Marines, Army, Air Force, Spys, spending millions if not trillions to  KILL him yet Obama (not Osama) is considering a fair trial based on a presumption of innocence? Isn’t that presumption of innocence the backbone of our American Justice System? Are we to assume he and his cohorts didn’t plan 911 (some say Bush did it……) even though he admitted such? Can you imagine what a circus it would be in court, much like the O.J. Simpson trial where overwhelming evidence said he was guilty yet a bunch of blacks jury of his peers let him go plus the bumbling work of a careless & racist Detective. Just think if we had a trial and it ended up that he was “Innocent” due to a technicality. Why NOT issue an executive order and OFFICIALLY say to the world without political rhetoric that the USA plans on killing him and anyone found with him without DUE process? Did he give process to the New Yorkers and innocent lives lost on 911? Obama (Not Osama) is weak. Offer REAL solutions vs. finger pointing….

Obama (not Osama) is going to have to learn quickly if he actually becomes our Commander in Chief you can’t sit down and have a Chai Latte and discuss what we can do to appease THEM. TO appease terrorists would be to kill yourself or hand them a weapon and the terrorists would be more than happy to help you along the way. IF Obama (not Osama) plans on carrying this nation to a NEW ERA he best grow some fucking balls because the terrorists certainly have them. 

Anyways— here are some references.

Washington Post

CNN Debate


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