Obama wins and picks Clinton.



When he wins the primary tonight the next big topic will be and has been his running mate, all media eyes are on Hillary including herself. If O wins and chooses C then I have to vote for McCain. Why? Because that shows me that complete sell out of Obama. He touts change and social aspects the likes America hasn’t seen in decades yet he will/would kowtow to the Democratic party and ask a woman of low integrity and self respect to be our 2nd in command. Top it off with last weeks comment on how she won’t quit the race because of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in June back in the late 60’s. Alluding to she’s hoping Obama would be assassinated this month so she can be the candidate of destiny. A quick bs retraction media blitz and all is well and forgotten. Well I don’t forget. I recall the scandals the Clintons had in office with the law offices in Arkansas, see Vince Foster. As well as close friends of the Clintons who have met untimely and violent death. Yes, I am a bit of a theorist on this and other topics but why not read into someones past with power brokers like the Clintons. I don’t want to waste time posting examples of how bad the Clintons are as I’m sure it would be a joy to sit down with Bill and talk shop about how women should be respected in and out of bed. I’d love to talk to Hillary about the Health Care reform she said she would get done while in office….back in 1993. 

If she had actually accomplished the Health Care reform or if she had divorced Bill back then and ran for President I’d have considered voting for Hill. I base my voting on actions and past experiences, not what they promise as every politician promises things you want to hear. I would be voting for McCain only to defeat Clinton as a VP. I wouldn’t put anything past the “Clinton Inc.” to place her as the first woman president by impeachment, accidental death or controversy over Obama. 

I like Obama. I like his ideals, demeanor, leetness, his big ears, his mocha latte lips, his dislike of the Clintons, his (former) church, his views on the war and terror, I like most of his wants and needs for America. I just wish he wouldn’t sell out on the VPee spot. Please. I’m sure he realizes what will happen if he DOES create the “Dream Ticket” for the presidency. He will alienate his most stout and ardent supporters of which he wouldn’t be where he is today without them. Not the fanatics but the grass roots supporters who flip from Republican to Demo, from Clinton to Obama. Those people. 

One thing that I still don’t understand is how a “super delegate” became a nothing word to the nations most powerful monarchy overnight. Despite our outdated election process and useless popular vote the decision will be in the hands of a new elite called “Super Delegates“. What does it take to be “super”. Can you imagine the phone calls put into these new kings and queens from the Clinton Inc. and Obama parade to sway their votes? I could. I’d ask for 3 brand new Mac Pro Powerbook, A trip to Japan or an Ambassadorship, No income tax for the length of their term, 95,000 World of Warcraft Gold and a used Saab. Thats all it would take for my super vote. 

I’d like to *but I won’t because I’m lazy* write down who these key supers are for future reference. i.e. IF Obama wins, see if these supers somehow make it on the Cabinet. My bet is some will. 

The real reason why Hill took this to the end isn’t so much for her to say she didn’t give up but more for her to be considered or suggested that she is the logical choice for VP. By sticking it out her case for VP is right up there with why the L.A. Riots happened because of Rodney King. Makes NO sense. I don’t ever recall being rewarded for 2nd place. Except the one time in Cub Scouts we had our annual Derby (we would take a block of wood and make a small balsa wood car with weights in the bottom) I took 2nd place and my mom and dad took me to McDonalds on a WED Night. Normally my father would take us for breakfast every Saturday Morning while my mom worked at Bell Telephone. We would only go ONCE a week. Going out to eat in the 1970’s and early 80’s was an event for us, so I treasure those times…anyway I’m digressing. Back to Clinton & Obama. 

Good luck Obama. It’s a cruel world for people of brown.




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One response to “Obama wins and picks Clinton.

  1. his lover

    Hah! Great pic!

    I gotta say…. you are nothing short of brilliant in the way you write and convey your thoughts and turn what could have gotten stale after a paragraph into a delightful read.
    (Which I think is studly)

    Oh- also, I completely agree with you and hope that doesn’t happen with Obama picking Hilary because I would feel very deflated.

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