I’m a snob.


Alo, myself, log and bea met up at Worlds of Fun this weekend for the after 4pm 1/2 price FUN! And while it was a BLAST I noticed a few things while we were there. I’m a finicky little bitch when it comes to being around large masses of strange people. Snob even. Here we are standing in line for THE PATRIOT and as the line closes in around us I notice the people. The ugly ones in particular, not just ugly but by using my keen spider sense the ugly people on the inside. The sweaty smells of people who (some) didn’t bother taking a shower that morning let alone using any kind of deodorant. The $25.00 tattoos on ankles, shoulder blades, shoulders, feet, hands, neck. Tattoos about how tough they are. Some designs looked home made. Must be the gas prices? I also feel OLD. Looking at the young faces where the average age was 16 and I readily admit being an ageist when it comes to my guild and people I hang with, especially in the World of Warcraft. =D I guess I’m a people watcher from afar. I don’t care to be elbow to elbow with strangers when it’s 95 degrees out and they’re bumping into you with the smells of old garbage. Before Log & Bea arrived we stood in line for the “Spinning Dragons” where a blond haired blue eyed 30 something dood with a fanny pack and small gut stood talking to a female version of himself (co workers). In front of them are 2 kids about 12 years old. Alix and are enjoying our fresh smelling selves when it’s ruined with the smell of a juicy fart from the fanny pack guy. Alix thinks it could have been from his female friend…I doubt it cuz when I said “Damn, some fucker farted” he looked back all sheepish like. We had to take it since the line was well deep now…next up were the kids in front of the farting Scandanavians. They kept spitting, not loogey spit but the ‘loose I’ll make extra no viscosity spit with very little substance to it’ spit. It’s windy and some blows back to Alix’s arm, which she comments on, then before I know it he’s spitting again this time it blows back to his own face and shirt, he smiles (see I love people) and spits once more. I push aside ms. scandanavian and tersley tell the two kids to stop spitting NOW as it is hitting my wife and ask if they understand. They don’t say a word but nod. I let it linger (my intimidation look) and back away. No sooner had I felt some type of triumph the fanny pack blondie lets one LOOSE again……


In the end we DID have a good time, especially when it got dark and the rides for the kids came and picked them up. We shut the place down (10 pm) and had an excellent time. 3 things happened that day though.

1. The Guzmans KNOW Air Hockey

2. People in tight places suck.

3. I love Roller Coasters but not the Timberwolf.

3.2 I still love Funnel Cakes.



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5 responses to “I’m a snob.

  1. I think I mentioned in game that I like coasters, they rock. I never felt the appeal of funnel cakes tho. As for the Scandinavians, some people cannot NOT fart. But if he did he surely shoulda apologized. And kids have less social skills than ever, how many are growing their interpersonal skills on the net rather than thru polite society? Anyway, I’ll sign this off saying thanks for the warning on the air hockey, now I know to not go in against BnL.

  2. Timberwolf is Da SUCK!
    Black Mamb is Da Woot!
    I RULE Air Hockey!
    … I wish I would have been around for the spittle incident… I would have done a +10 on the mean look… yea, people watching is good from far away… we need to device a way to just have a huge group of people where we can be shielded… but that is just hard to do.

  3. Yeah, it would have been better if yours truly actually got on the rides. But I will always be afraid of roller coasters, not matter how much I try to be brave. We have to plan something that doesn’t involve heights or vertigo. 😉

  4. Bea

    The last comment was mine. Gotta love cookies… 😛

  5. Cookie Monster was my Favorite Sesame Street toon.

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