Boys Scouts Prepared?

Lastnight in IOWA a camp of Scouts and it’s leaders were hit by a Tornado. A nearby city siren was cut short because it too was hit by the storm and cut it’s electricity (why wouldn’t it have it’s own power source). From what I read 4 kids died while 40+ others were injured. For all the beauty the midwest offers with it’s semi rolling hills, clean cities (relative term), low crime rate (not counting the Paseo/Hood area), decent cost of living it all comes with ONE price, Tornadoes. Several links here for professionally written articles.




I still prefer the Spring & Summer craziness that the midwest offers vs. other regions of our beloved country. Quakes, Wildfires on the West Coast, Floods and Hurricanes down south and east, Blizzards and Lake effects in the Chicago areas, Nor’Easters around the NY area plus what tends to be extreme heat in the summertime…all in all I think we have it good here in Kansas/Mizzou/Iowa/Nebraska. Don’t tell it to the friends and family members  killed and maimed by tornadoes though. I hope they will all be ok dealing with it, losing a family member is the suck.






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4 responses to “Boys Scouts Prepared?

  1. That was a great place to camp. I heard several people saying that at least Scout’s are trained in first aid (Be Prepared and all), but theory and practice are miles apart. A rumor I have heard a couple of times now is that at least one of the deaths is attributed to a boy saving anothers life.

  2. Owen

    It’s really sad that 4 boy scouts die

  3. jules

    “Nor’Easters around the NY area plus what tends to be extreme heat in the summertime…all in all I think we have it good here in Kansas/Mizzou/Iowa/Nebraska.”

    Trust me, no NY’er would be caught dead in midwest, we’ll take our summer heat, atleast it doesn’t wipe out our homes.

  4. Byllie

    Tornados arnt as bad as people tend to precieve them to be. I live in the midwest, Kansas to be more exact, and honestly its not that bad, it may be hell to me, but the tornados are just like a small ordeal to most people out here. It is sad what happend to the Boy Scouts,but, my opinion is, that you cant be fully prepared for them. You don’t know when they’re gonna come, how long they are going to last, where exactly they’re gonna go, how big they’re gonna be, or anything. And they don’t always “wipe out our homes” as Jules puts it. Tornado season is just like anyother regular season like summer in NY or fall in the South, you have to let it run its course…but I guess people are just to wrapped up in Hollywood tornados to get a grip on the real deal, they arnt as bad as film makers actually make them, And also, it really depends on where your from who has it better.

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