4:44 a.m. Wakey Wakey

At 4:44 a.m. a extreme, huge, fantastic, loud, ZOMGWTFBBQSAWCE, Blinding, Super, Thunderous, WOW, Slap Happy, Knock-ya-upside-da-head Lightning Bolt hit in our drive way. (the above pix is not our home….yet…) We tend to have our window wide open during the spring and summer months, not that it would have made much difference considering the bolt was only 30-40 ft away but daaaaaamn. Woke me up like nothing else ever has, cept maybe that one time the cops came to our house in Omaha in the middle of the night because of a drunk uncle looking for our house to see my dad. Anyway I know I’ve been posting alot of weather related/nature stuff but as I grow wiser I have much more respect and awe for nature. I have also NEVER been a fan of lightning. Ever. I get skeeeered. I always picture a bolt smashing thru our bedroom window as I’m lying there in my box-briefs and it smashes into my chest and explodes my innards all over the walls, bed and carpet. And there would be ZERO warning, which is a good thing I’m guessing but could have been prevented if our bed was away from the window but we have to be by the window because our souls need fresh air. So yeah, the bolt woke me up and kept me up til 5 ish. 

The above has no relevance what so ever in regards to World of Warcraft. I don’t care. 

I just killed a colony of ants. A seemingly harmless colony who made the mistake of basing their home in my potted plant. I took this plant to work a few weeks ago and it’s been on my windowed shelf and whenever I’d go to water it I’d witness the mass exodus of ants with their little white broodlings safely snug in their little jaws/pinchers. I’d chuckle and only kill one or two who dared get on my brand new desk. Well this morning, without watering it I was typing an email when I looked down and had one on my hand. Dead. Then another on the mouse pad. Dead. Finally, I was on the phone when one transfered from it to my face. Dead. I grabbed the little plant, hung it over my trash can and shook it. The plant dropped with a wet thud. I didn’t wait for the ants to come scrambling out all pissed off I doubled bagged it and tied it air tight so they can’t escape. Just finished cleaning out the pot, as to erase any signs of my ethnic cleanse of ants. I know it wasn’t their fault and believe it or not I do feel slightly guilty, I do think they will survive and prosper once they hit the trash bin. Ooo…I see one looking for his home/family, he’s crawling around on my calendar at moment…..looks like he’s sniffing around.

My father’s day weekend was a good one, my daughter made me a drawring and Alo framed it up for her.

Then Alix got me a great card and some new Star Wars Muggss (the battle scene from Endor, note the foliage…..



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3 responses to “4:44 a.m. Wakey Wakey

  1. Happy Father’s Day.

  2. kaari

    thats cute. If i didnt live 3000 miles away i wonder how dif my fathers day would have been with my dad.

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