What Would Obama Do (WWOD)

Listening to an episode of Rush today he made a valid point about the current views on terrorism and what the Democratic Nominee would DO if they (the USA) actually caught OSAMA bin Laden ALIVE. Heres a article about his views. Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait. The idea of capturing Osama (Not Obama) and bringing him to trial seems something out of an episode of the Twilight Zone. Here we are sending in our Elite Troops, Black Ops, Bombs, Marines, Army, Air Force, Spys, spending millions if not trillions to  KILL him yet Obama (not Osama) is considering a fair trial based on a presumption of innocence? Isn’t that presumption of innocence the backbone of our American Justice System? Are we to assume he and his cohorts didn’t plan 911 (some say Bush did it……) even though he admitted such? Can you imagine what a circus it would be in court, much like the O.J. Simpson trial where overwhelming evidence said he was guilty yet a bunch of blacks jury of his peers let him go plus the bumbling work of a careless & racist Detective. Just think if we had a trial and it ended up that he was “Innocent” due to a technicality. Why NOT issue an executive order and OFFICIALLY say to the world without political rhetoric that the USA plans on killing him and anyone found with him without DUE process? Did he give process to the New Yorkers and innocent lives lost on 911? Obama (Not Osama) is weak. Offer REAL solutions vs. finger pointing….

Obama (not Osama) is going to have to learn quickly if he actually becomes our Commander in Chief you can’t sit down and have a Chai Latte and discuss what we can do to appease THEM. TO appease terrorists would be to kill yourself or hand them a weapon and the terrorists would be more than happy to help you along the way. IF Obama (not Osama) plans on carrying this nation to a NEW ERA he best grow some fucking balls because the terrorists certainly have them. 

Anyways— here are some references.


Washington Post

CNN Debate



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4 responses to “What Would Obama Do (WWOD)

  1. I think you are totally missing the point here, or being diverted from it by listening to Rush. The point that Obama is trying to make is that we must not MURDER him. He is never saying that bringing him to trial is an exercise of deciding if he is guilty or not, he likened it to the Nazi war criminal trials. If Osama goes out as a martir of the all oppressing west, it will fuel his ideology. Showing his followers and the world what it means to be prosecuted under international law will not have the same effect. I agree with Obama on this one… specially because he says, hey if he gets killed while being capturing… too bad.

  2. Listening to Rush isn’t diverting me silly man. I listen to all sides when it comes to politics and what’s wrong with murdering a terrorists such as Osama? What do you think the armed forces have been trying to do since 9-11?

    His ideology is too kill anyone and everyone who isn’t of the same mindset as his.

  3. killroy

    kill them all let God sort them out

  4. ha ha ha what a great name to the post
    wwod. cant stop loughing.

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