The Art of Jewel Crafting

Autumn’s 2nd week into JC and shes up to 202 out of 375 levels. I’ve done some initial calculations and so far I’ve spent 2 gold per level. I can only see it going up as I progress. I am off-setting the cost by doing my own mining with my 3 miners; Wootbeer, Husker and Seancassidy. I also have excellent help from Logtar, Recurve and a couple others who will send me mats (materials) as I request and I do tend to pay them fair market value. Currently am needing truesilver, citrine and gold. I have found an excellent guide here. Lastnight I took Wootbeer on his Hinterlands round where I can get 1-2 stacks of Mithril and 1 stack of Iron Ore (for prospecting). This type of profession is much more hands on as I have to get out there in the land of Oz to get what I need, I love the prospecting action. What that entails is a skill where the JC can take a stack of ore (not bars) and prospect for gems in increments of 5. So I can prospect 4 X in 1 stack of 20. The percentages are around 30% of getting any one specific gem. Higher odds for common and lower for rarer gems. I am very lucky to have Wootbeer a full blown Master Armorsmith and Master Mining as her skill set as without that I would not have taken this profession on.


Listed below are some great link/resources for leveling up JC. Excuse the ads on WoW Gold Buying, can’t help who sponsors these sites.


Jewel Guide

Almost Guide

Wow_Wiki Guide

WoW Official Guide

Hopefully within 2 weeks I will hit level 300 to cut some gems of value, I’ve been collecting ever since this profession became live. I will always cut for free for guildies provided you supply the mats. Wish me luck on another expensive journey (but still fun).





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2 responses to “The Art of Jewel Crafting

  1. When in Hinterlands, hit that little lake. I was in it to get the purple mushroom for a quest, and there was a truesilver node. Of course it was just above my current skill level. I am stuck just short of 230 😦

    Glad its going fairly well for ya! And I’ll keep sending you in a part of my ores. And for payment… when my Pally hits 20 you can help him on that damn hammer quest line lol!

    N }:-

  2. thanks, ya i make a zig zag run in Hinterlands but not usually in the lake, looks like ill have to make a stop and check it out. It’s also fun to come across Horde in the 45-50 range questing in groups…

    I came across one such group of 2 hunters and 1 druid 46, 48, 52. All I wanted to do was kill their pets but I guess they didn’t like that. LOL So it was /gameon! 1-2 hits per and that was all she wrote. ❤ DPS Warriors!

    So, yeah I currently need : Truesilver, Aquamarines, Some Mithril (mostly for prospecting), gold (ore or bars). =D

    Send me COD anytime.

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