Did someone fart on me overnight?


I have pink eye. I’ll wait while you chuckle and think of the nastiness of pink eye. Watching “Knocked Up” you may know what the title means, if not then read up on it. I wear contacts which makes my eyes a lot more vulnerable to infections of which I tend to get one once a year, and this was  it. I think I got it from going to the Casino Monday Night (Harrahs) and punching the slot machine buttons. If you’ve ever been to a KC Boat Casino (think a huge supposedly floating boat that sits in a pool of mud next to the Missouri River) you know that it’s not like Vegas, not that Vegas is glamourous but still….KC doesn’t exactly have hot sexxy people running around like ; Houston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, NY, L.A. (never been but I watch E!, etc.)  I prolly ended up rubbing my eyes from the smoke and boom…pink eye. Why am I telling unknown strangers? Cuz I got nothing else to tell you. Anyhoo, I won just over $130.00 minus my ATM withdrawl playing the penny slots which basically become $1.00-$1.50 slots (I play max) and got lucky with some take home moola, Alo wasn’t so lucky but she lasted 2.5 hours on $40.00 and thats pretty darn good. We we’re originally going there for the 7pm Poker Tourney but arrived a bit late…lucky for them!!! 

AutumnKnight officially became Exalted with the Shattered Sun faction and I bought her 2 of the rings, one for heal spec and one for dps spec, gotta have both! I highly recommend going out to the Isle and getting it done as it’s HIGHLY lucrative if not the single most lucrative hour one can spend in WoW. Mentioned this before but one can do the daily quests there and in one hour make 90g. Add 30g more if you do the Outland dailies for the isle plus you WILL get approx 50-75 Netherweave and 3-4 Green 68+ gear drops and ton of gold selling worthy crap gray drops. Just do it, trust me. Also if you happen to be a JC the island NPC’s are choc’full of recipes. You will run into Horde as it’s a contested Isle but we’re on a PvP server so suck it up.

We have a Group Calendar Raid set for 7pm ST for Karazahn, please download the addon as it will be the primary source for us to organize runs/raids/meetings. It also will calculate your cool downs showing you when it’s due up by the hour and remind you every 15 mins just before it’s ready. Very cool features. I have signed up Autumn and Wootbeer, for Woot I was going to ask Logtar to man him since he’s pretty used to Warriors but it IS a Friday night so I doubt it will happen. =D Doesn’t hurt to ask. If we have excess heals or tanks I can always switch but the odds of that happening is aiken to navigating thru a asteroid field. (post the odds without looking it up). 

Ahune, (click Ahune for the loot and strat breakdown.) the new boss event for the midsummer fires event going on was an interesting fight yesterday…..Eastonmall invited me to pug it up as heals and I also invited Axloon but little did we know the main boss was a 73 elite frost boss so Axloon (mage) being a frost spec had a hard time doing the DPS, seems that’s not exactly a fair dinkum for Mages spec’d that way…well we wiped 4 times before Axloon left us and our Tank (Fpwnsalot) LOL left us in disgust, which was a good thing. We got “Animals” as a replacement and only wiped once, took down Ahune on the 2nd try…Now the bad news, we got a bug. The boss died then went POOF, we didn’t get the credit for the kill let alone any loot….but it was a learning experience. Wiki states it’s a known bug and to remedy it is to let phase 2 of the fight happen then kill him…Please do check out the wiki link to see how to play your toon.




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3 responses to “Did someone fart on me overnight?

  1. Hehehe you got the gunk eye. I did like the Knocked up explanation, but I think your theory mas merits. Boat-rats are not known as a particularly hygienic crowd.

    On to WoW… got the calendar loaded up last night, and was playing round with it. It looks pretty cool! I made an entry for VC last night as Logtar ran Melidor and Krace thru it. Very easy to use, 4 stars!

    While on curse I also grabbed auctioneer, as I had heard good things. I think I am turning it off tonight. All the extra data on EVERY item you mouse over is breaking my brain. I give it .5 stars.

    Well, hope you feel better, GL in Kara! Won’t be on much as my parents are in town.

  2. I have several add ons I NEED.

    For raiding : Boss Mods, which give explicit info on he encounters, gives warnings when something is going to happen before it happens.

    OMEN Threat meters, another essential, there are a couple out there.

    Auctioneer– while it does have alot of text you can tailor it to your needs in the preferences.

    for Bags– get “Bagnon” you can move your bags around and it’s in ONE window vs. 5. Plus you can tailor make the UI.

    A MUST HAVE!!! is the new QuestHelper. Wish they had this 2 years ago.

    Damage Meter is ok but more for showing off than a real purpose. I usually lie and say I dont have it on…. DPS love to compare epeens.

    I also use the GUI compilation for the frames. Titan Panel.

    Good luck! and have fun with the Family!!

  3. If I am home, I will man whatever is necessary patch adams.

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