Grace Park….nuff said.


Our weekend was mucho-fun-o. It was full of laziness and games. I purchased the Guitar Hero DS on Thursday and by this morning had probably logged 20+ hours by Alix, Ashton and Meg. I played about an hour before the early onset of Carpal was cramping my style. I need to have tip top hands for not only my career but for clicking buttons on World of Warcraft, dammit. Still, it was an excellent purchase and now am looking to get the real version for our Wii this coming weekend. To me, the value you get for your entertainment buck is well worth the $29-$50.00 you pay for a game vs. going out to an Arcade or Movie or even going out to dinner. It was amazing Saturday night we all ended up in my sons room, he was playing “Black”, Alix is was rockin out and Meg had bought Super Mario for her own DS– Merlot (our Poodle) was taking turns on open laps. I was watching my son’s ability to BOOMHEADSHOT from way distanced shots and wondered to myself if I should limit his gaming on shooters…..the boy CAN shoot (ingame), then I’d have to beat the boss on Super Mario Bauser to help out Megs. It was a nice feeling, family n gaming. Yeah, I know we should all get out and ride bikes, save the whales, plant trees and kill terrorists on the weekend but we had fun just the same. 

Guild News in General

AK is on a Midsummer Festival BONANZA run and ended up with 247 fire thingies for the event, just need over 100 then might go another 350 to get both Unique Items. I love to collect things ingame and real life…packrat am I. 

 Logtar did a wonderful fill in spot this weekend in Kara as Wootbeer as Off Tank and soon will be manning it himself as Logtar. We had a very good group Friday with Kara and got to Maiden and 3 shot her. No great drops but not bad for 3 hours of 50% guild rest pugs. Next night was another pug with only 3 OS and 1 from previous night and couldn’t get past Little Red Riding hood due to some of the groups lack of experience and bad luck. Bad luck being when our tanks get to be LRRHood and can’t run fast enough…but def. made for some entertainment.  We lost another member “Trahlys” lastnight didn’t say why, such is life, but I think we’ll be getting more members this week or next, I’ve been lax in recruiting as still a bit gun shy on making a push for new members. We’ll see, plus I’d be happy if we slimmed down more and had 45-50 solid players. 

Please download all mods necc. for raiding- see the blog roll for links to the Threat Meter, Deadly Boss Mods and similar add-ons. Also get the Group Calendar as it is a great way to schedule events and track cooldowns and many other options. I use curse gaming wesbite as it seems to be the most stable and easy downloads, ALSO for those who are having issues with our Vent server or simply too lazy to download or skeeered of talking on the net, DON’T BE. Hell, you don’t even have to talk but you MUST have the Vent on for Raids. Give in, do it. 



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3 responses to “Utini

  1. Frak she is hot!
    I have Vent but haven’t configured it (dunno this Guilds settings).
    Do you want I should get all the raid tools now, or is it OK to wait till ‘curve grows up a little more?

    For anybody reading who hasn’t got Group Calendar it is easy to use. Very intuitive. You don’t have to configure a thing if you wanna just read the Guilds entries.

  2. kaari

    sorry i left guild :\ but anytime you want me to raid with you and i have done it, just give me a holar. Ive gotten much better gear recently. So.. heroics are always fun to heal for me 😀

  3. It happens Kaari, and in your case…4 times? LOL and believe me I understand where you and other come from when wanting to gear up and try other guilds, AK was in a new one for almost 2 weeks but like many things, it aint greener. =D

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