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My Favorite Bands.

Not in any order but I’ve a list of my favorites. Ones in RED I’ve seen LIVE.

  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Police
  • The Smiths
  • TV On The Radio
  • Missy Higgins
  • Ben Folds
  • Black Sabbath
  • Harry Connick Jr.
  • Blondie
  • Sugar Hill Gang
  • Devo
  • Depeche Mode
  • Nitzer Ebb
  • Peter Murphy
  • Bauhaus
  • English Beat
  • INXS
  • Eric B. & Rakim
  • 3rd Bass
  • DMX
  • A Tribe Called Quest
  • Beastie Boys
  • Garth Brooks
  • Van Halen (pre Sammy)
  • Nirvana
  • Wolfmother
  • Sasha & DIgweed
  • Nazareth
  • Cheap Trick
  • Johnny Cash
  • The Eagles
  • The Cure
  • Billy Idol
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Chris Issak

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China and the Olympics = skeetsauce.

The coming Olympics being held in China is pure and complete bullcocky. The past and present human rights violations/abuse should have been the reason NOT to have the Olympics in China. The government is among the worst in the modern day world of caring little of it’s citizens, more specifically ones that are individuals or think for themselves. I’ve not been a fan of the Olympics for years no w and this is another reason for me to ignore the whole spectacle once again. Why give credence and acceptance to a government like China? Why? 

I’ve recently read more and more about the promises China has broken for having the Olympics held in Beijing, most recent is the broken promise of the Press given access to the internet, fully…. The release of political groups/individuals who we’re recently jailed for civial protests, not to mention the whole TIBET fiasco that’s been going on for years. Where’s the outcry and rage of the media (not just the USA but worldwide) about China’s continual disregard for human rights and basic freedoms? How does the world send a message to China? We give them the Olympics. 

Whatever you do see in the coming weeks about it’s people, cities…it’s all prefabricated and filtered. It’s not real. It’s the Matrix in RED.

News of China’s Welcoming The World……..


They recruit/train 12 year old gymnasts to compete

Spying on Guests…..

And we all know they make painting our TOYS without lead paint…even THIS WEEK.

And in my limited narrow view of the world, I blame most of this on the power and lure of money. imo of course…..

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Native American

nativeamericanart.jpgSeems I get them earlier and earlier every year. I’m allergic to ragweed…and it seems to be something else since ragweed isn’t prevalent quite yet. So I type all stuffy and headachy wanting meds to stop the madness of it all. Ugh. I’ve also noticed more and more things as I get older and creep towards the age of 40. Currently I’m happy being 37. Well not really happy but this seems to be the age where people take you ‘serious’ in the business of whatever you are doing in the work/career field. Not that I wasn’t taken seriously before but the surroundings and management really dictate if you are respected among your peers. I’m straying….back on topic. Wait what is the topic????  Age? Allergy? Hrmm……

Let’s go back to age. My birthday is next month and the main things I’ve noticed getting older was hair. More of and lack of. My hairline is slowly receding (thanks to my moms side) and my growth of ear hair, back hair are matching the fallout rate on an equal basis. I don’t have a hairy back or front but I get the ONE diabolical LONE hair that simply sticks out. Just last week I was going to lunch with John (Logtar) and another co-worker when out of the blue John mentions something about going to a Barber. About how the Barber got rid of a unstable hair during his cut. I think nothing of it. We meander back to the office and riding up the elevator they’re both giggling like little kids and I ignore them (I’m very good at ignoring people). Then finally they tell me theres a WHITE (Grey?) hair sticking out the side of my head. A LONE ROGUE Hair sticking literally straight out. I feel embarassed for all of 3 seconds then head to the bathroom to take care of said Hair gone Wild. It looked 100% stupid. It took 2-3 tries to pluck it out and when I did it was still stiff as a board. I looked in the mirror and noticed my right side of my body/face has the most gray/white hairs than my left. It wasn’t the first time I’ve noticed this but I believe it’s my “WHITE” side. My other half is Native American…which means I have the saving grace of Native Blood to offset whitey’s imperfections of baldness, gray hair, pale skin (yes pale skin is an imperfection…*SEE the SUN*) but I’m only fighting all of that at 50%. right side is white my left is Arikara/Mandan/Hidatsa. My white side is Irish…Irishmen who moved to Kentucky. Hillbillies. Without “bubblin” crude. Ever see a full blooded Native American with a beard? Ummm….no.

So I’m guessing by the time I’m in my 60’s one side of my body (my right) will be gray & bald. My other side (my left) will be hairless, tan with diabetes. I will look like an older, wiser version of ………….I don’t know. This inspired me to come up with FAMOUS Native Americans. 

Jim Thorpe

Russell Means

Billy Mills

N. Scott Momaday

Will Rogers

Plus some lists of others. 

As well as a nice map of tribes- Mine are all in North Dakota — Arikara. within that is our Clan name “REE“.

Our Tribes are made up of Three- (due to something called Small Pox).– to the “THREE AFFILIATED TRIBES


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I call BS.

The recent hub bub on the local KC blogs is stats and it’s supposed non-importance. Reasons for having a blog range from freedom of expression to a cathartic exercise in life. They also go on to post their stats to show that they ‘really don’t care’. Yet, they take the time to upload, announce, banter, share things that don’t matter to themselves. Come on…stop bullshitting, people. You write for reactions and to feel important. You want the attention and crave the teat of societies acceptance, even if the sliver of audience you appeal to is just that, a sliver. Get off your high horses of self righteousness and simply admit you like the attention, you DO read the meter, you DO care if someone likes you. It’s the flavor of the month(s) to be the anti-blog person who rejects anything mainstream and/or popular. All the kool kids are doing it……That’s so 1988. Get over yourselves and “keep it real”.

Yo. And now an ODE (visual) to Tony of Kansas City…..




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Caesar Salad

My love posted about this past weekends funny moment when we (family) went to Red Lobster for some lunch, during which my son mentioned he loved Caesar Salads but his breath always smelled of fish. We all laughed (he chuckled but with a pensive look) and I stated, rather boldly that there is no fish in a Caesar Salad! (pounds chest) Alix, agreed right along with me and we had a good laugh as it was how my son said it rather than if it actually DID have fish (anchovy) in it’s ingredients. After his embarassment and personal chuckle he said his mom said that it did. I said she was ‘wrong’. He argued as he was in his “protect mom!” mode and when I saw that  I relented and said “ok”….and moved on. 

Flash Forward Monday (kids back at their mommas) I get an email from my son saying I was wrong (sorta) and that I need to research my facts before making fun of someone. My son is intelligent but he uses spelling in the form of trash. He spells like “wat r u doin, k, koo, hws it hgn” — the dead give away was his momma wrote the email in the guise of a 13 year old pissed off because of the ingredients and his dad making light of it. Yeah right…So I wikipedia it, as well as 3-4 resources and come to find out there ARE versions of the salad that do have anchovies. However, the ORIGINAL versions did not. So we were both wrong and both right. +1 to Sonya (his Momma). Then just lastnight we (Alix) researched the actual ingredients to the RED LOBSTER Caesar salad and Low and Beholden theirs DOES contain the little rancid fishies. So -5 to me! 

So in the blogsphere of apologies I am sorry I made fun of you SON! And to the ex-wife who has carnal knowledge of fish (she hates fish btw– so I’m guessing that’s how she knows) I apologize. You we’re right and I was wrong.

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Happy Birthday Alo!


Tis a day early but tomorrow the 23rd is the Love of my Lifes Birthday! This shall be our 4th one celebrated together. I can easily recall our first meeting at the lake when we we’re both members of an online dating service called “KC Singles”. She was shy and quiet, I was talkative and inquisitive. I was dating another at the time but my interest was very much there. I was captivated by our phone calls, her voice, her generosity and something I was seriously lacking in my life, Intelligence. Her wit and sense of humor matched mine if not soared above it that I became smitten. Sight unseen I gave her and her friend tickets to Yallapalooza by leaving her the tickets (VIP and backstage) in her car at her work. I sprayed it (the card) with some of my cologne so that she might think I was a romantic and give her something to think of. 

Our upcoming wedding and our family coming to town is icing on our proverbial cake…. and journey through life and what will also be many, many more celebrations to enjoy together.

I Love You AlixAndria

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What WoW has done to “friends”.

Back when I played SWG (Star Wars) — and still do…we had always believed in the group setting. Buds. Pals. Friends. Our initial group of friends are still in contact to this day, 5 years later. Maybe it was the social and life experiences that made us friends with mutual respect. Maybe it was good timing. Maybe it was the game itself, the game of SWG could be played Solo and in a group/guild setting. This was before World of Warcraft, which has not only changed the face of MMORPG’s but changed how we interact with other players.  The original MMO’s have such hardcore followings it borders on fanaticism. Everquest, Everquest 2, Runescape, SWG, EvE and a few others all had a common theme, small mass appeal. Sounds like an oxymoronic statement but if you’ve played those games you know that an MMO can feel very home like, friendly and personal. I played SWG WAY past it’s prime and as of last week still do..this month being it’s 5 year anniversary..which is a feat in itself in todays up and down market of MMO’s. WoW is a different game, it’s the “Soccer” of MMO’s.

World wide NO one can dispute the popularity of Soccer. Go ahead, dispute it…speaking WORLD WIDE, not the USA but world. Ok? Any arguments? Why is soccer so popular? In my limited play experience (4 years in middle and highschool) and my kids play it. I’ve recently become a fan of soccer during the recent Euro World Cup (GO SPAIN!!!). It’s popular because it’s easy to play and learn. Why do you think there are TONS of Soccer moms out there with minivans full of kids? Soccer fields galore here in Overland Park and surrounding areas, because it’s easy to play but still has enough skills to learn to make it worthwhile to LEARN and get better. Mostly, it’s easy to play. THIS is why WoW is so popular. Give someone ONE week in WoW with little to know help and they will level in no time. Easy to play and easy to learn = HUGE Popularity. With over 10 million to 11 million subscribers @ 14.99 per month it’s hard to argue with simplicity. 

The changes WoW has done to MMO is obvious. Elitism. Sure there was certain play styles, classes, professions that made your characters that much better than others. Reaching a certain goal ingame is the core of game. Goal oriented with the opportunity to be social. What’s nice about WoW is you can do whatever you want and no one cares. I play WoW for several reasons. 1st was originally to hang out with my buds from SWG. After we did our own thing it moved onto PvP for WookieLuv and attaining a certain “Rank”. Coupled with wanting to be the BEST of whatever I was doing but I reached a point in the game where it crosses over to being a complete asshole. I’ve been called asshole by many but “complete asshole” is an entirely different level of assholeness. Let me explain. I’ve known friends who go into the “complete asshole” realm of gaming where they call into work, ignore their children, don’t fuck their wives/gf, forget to pay bills, gain 50 lbs all in the name of being the best they can be. Elitism. Ironically being an elite player tends* to mean you’ve sacrificed everything in your life to get to that level. I did this with Magic the Gathering and wanting to be a “Professional” player– minus forgetting to fuck my wife, ignore my kids all the time and pay bills. To me it wasn’t worth it. I think my mindset might have been different If I had almost no responsibilities such as having a family, If I was single then odds are I wouldn’t be playing games hardcore. 

Our guild, to me is about family and friends. I want to hang with you and you want to hang with me, simply put I want friends. I’ve a handful of people I call friends in “real life”. In game I have more than handfuls, online friends are easy to deal with, real life takes work. I have times where I want to be in raid like guilds so I can get the “phat loot” but I know I’d have to sacrifice my real life to do so. It means I’d have to lose some time I spend with guild members because they are not good enough to go one certain instances. I have to tell them in not so many words “Your not good enough, sorry”. I don’t want to do that. I want to have my cake and eat the damn thing too! I want my friends to be there beside me in all the fervor of almost wiping on some boss, I want to be able to take a screenshot of us posing beside a dead carcass of some dragon, ogre or elemental. My character “AutumnKnight” is a healer class, she will always find a group, always….I have a tank…same thing. I made these toons specifically FOR our guild….to heal and tank so we as a guild can get things done without having to ask strangers for help. I like being the one responsible (most of the time) to heal or tank because I want to feel wanted (in game). LOL  I try to keep a balance of my toons and learning their roles in most aspects of the game. I am selfless in that aspect of this game. I want this in my guildies as well, team work. Friendship. Trust. Loyalty. Valued words for me, to some they are just that…words and nothing else. That is the bad part of WoW. It’s made normal selfless people into guild hopping, selfish, unloyal fucktards for wanting a certain piece of purple loot. Yes, I want a purple loot. Yes, I want to go on these epic instances and progress. No, I don’t want to sacrifice my personal friendships for a fucking piece of a belt or trinket. To me that crosses over to being a “complete asshole”. I’ve remained friends who have moved onto other guilds by pst’ing them and inviting them to our runs– specifically Tyiako who almost always will come with us on the drop of a hat. He gets it. It’s as if once you leave our guild you want NOTHING to do with us/me. Our friendship was based on convenience. Meh I say, meh!!!

Most are a product of their gaming environment.

I agree.



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