Great Links

Reading Tony’s blog he posted on a must read so being the sheep I am I read the blog posting about a mothers apprehension on her son going off to Iraq/Afgan. Her story can be read here

Also brining more bad news, I recently read that the world is one less artist/writer/talent/gifted. Comic book creator dies at the young age of 37. (My age) from Cancer. Story here. He worked on several titles including creating his Flagship Fathom.  Michael Turner was the Publisher of  Aspen Comics.

To balance it…..

Mexico to plant plants on the rooftops of buildings.

Top 10 New Species of 2007 with Photos! 

Top Ten New Species of 2007 Named



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4 responses to “Great Links

  1. Hot chicks twice in a row, you really are becoming the new TKC. (Thats OK, there is good stuff amid all the dreck there).

    Anyway, I read about Turner the other day at newsarama. I didn’t post anything because I sometimes forget I’m not hte only comic geek round here.

  2. If your ever in Omaha go to the original Dragons Lair off of Blondo Street. I spent half my childhood in there. =D

  3. Quick being sheep… hrm, I might have to do something in game to turn you into a sheep in a duel… hrm…

  4. Hmmm, in Omaha the only shop I visited was around the corner from crossroads. Don’t recall the name.

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