Less Star More Johnson

Starbucks is reducing it’s store openings and closing over 600. If someone would replace a few with Dunkin Donuts I’d be a happy camper.

Pretty sure there will be few that close here in wonderful Johnson County where we just got ranked up to 3rd place by Forbes as among the best places to raise a family. WOOT! Good Family = Need Coffee

Lastnights Kara run was good, we got to Opera again and by that time we had respawns so I called it for continuation tonight around 9pm ST. It’s a little later than normal but my Dad is coming to town for the 4th of JULY!!!




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3 responses to “Less Star More Johnson

  1. Glad the raid worked out! It seemed like it took a while to get things off the ground.

  2. It usually takes an hour for everyone to get their proverbial shit together so really when i say Raid at 7:30 ST it really means 9:30 ST. I am really looking forward to getting under 70’s to 70 so we can raid as a FULL Guild instead of 30-50% members. Just takes time.

    I am currently working on a top secret plan to get more members.

    Our guild station is getting to be fully operational! Almost……

  3. You forgot your evil genius laugh in there, so I’ll do it for you.


    Hey, while I have your attention I did do an AV. I didn’t remember to multi-shot but got several hundred honer anyway. Are tokens something I need to grab or do we just acquire them as we fight? Because I got like 3, and everything on the vendor is for 200+. If I need to scramble to loot or something thats fine, but I didn’t think to loot till the end when I saw the cursor change and by then I was frozen.

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