Key elements to having a successful group/raid.

While common sense has been something less than common to some people when it comes to being in a group (5 person) or raid (10/20/40 persons) there are some key elements to making it successful. If you care to read on I think you may learn something. 

Some basics. For this one lets assume this is a typical 5 person group doing an instance, this would apply to any instance/dungeon ranging from Deadmines to Hellfire Ramps (examples). First, you need to determine if this is a guild group or a pug (pick up group). On this example let’s assume it’s a PUG. Our favorite kinda group……

Whenever I get invited I was ask who the leader is. Why? Couple reasons, first you MUST have someone lead the group, this person is supposed to KNOW the instance your going into if they don’t they should say so. If you have more experience than the leader you should ask if you can help, especially if you’ve already wiped a couple times. Usually the leader is the group leader based on who started the group by the icon on-screen, sometimes they are sometimes no. You can typically find out what kind of group your in by the chatter or lack of (besides the actions). I’ve been in some where everyone knows their role and not more than 3 words were spoken for 2-3 hours. Some are too chatty causing wipes for not paying attention. If an instance is cause for alot of crowd control Ill ask for MARKS (icons overing over the NPC’s like a Skull, Moon, etc.) these are essential for higher instances as it lets everyone know what/who/how they will attack the mobs. If the instance has a particular loot drop or rares involved I will ask what the loot rules are BEFORE I begin. Why? So your not wasting time. I’ve been in groups healing where they had NO intention of letting me roll for any class potential loot, I was simply there to heal and get nothing in return. Besides reputation (60+) why waste time if your not getting a chance at a drop or two? Experience?? Please. I left the group 30 seconds later after the leader told me I’d have to join their guild to get a drop. LOL. (they soon left the server/broke up). Once you determine all of this before going in you should have less hassle…..


BEFORE going in a 5 man group instance

  • Determine purpose of instance, is it for rep, loot, experience. If loot determine loot rules.
  • Call out “Marks” if necc. for focused damage, crowd control.
  • Ask who the leader is and what their experience is, if you have more ask to be leader or see if they are open to suggestions.
Being prepared. Depending on your class be sure to be self sufficient. This means…
  • Bring bandages (assuming your maxxed on First Aid…)
  • Potions, Health, Mana, Elixirs, if you got em bring em.
  • Reagents : Candles, Seeds, anything your class needs be sure to stock up on them, this includes AMMO for you Huntards.
  • Quests: Don’t expect someone to share quests, take the time they did and go get them as most of the good quests are “Chain” quests and cannot be shared. 
  • Seems like a “DUH” preparation but REPAIR your gear before going. I’ve been on a lot where someones gear turns RED or Yellow after a wipe….
KNOW your ROLE.  
  • LISTEN to the leader and PAY ATTENTION. This means 100%. If your leader(s) ask you to NOT aggro a group then don’t. If they ask you to wait on the stairs they will be right back then WAIT ON THE STAIRS! 
  • Don’t try and top the Damage Meters. They are for guys with little dicks..asking constantly for damage reports. This also means do NOT over take the Tanks aggro..then blame the tank for not doing HIS job…..which leads me into another facet of the game….
Add Ons– these are 3rd party software tools that Blizzard gives the OK to develop. Some even get incorporated into the main game. The important add ons are THREAT Meters and Deadly Boss Mods. Threat meter will show you on screen who has the most aggro on a particular mob/npc. If you are not the tank then you are to NOT over take the tanks aggro, if you do you will get the attention of the said NPC and most likely DIE and cause a wipe unless the tank/s can get BACK the aggro. Download it. Get it. Listen to the leaders.  Deadly Boss Mods makes announcements when certain spells or effects the Boss your fighting does on screen. It will assist you in timing of your actions. Download it. Get it.  If your skeeered about getting these add ons know that most players already have them and they work just fine. Click the blog roll links to get to them. If your skeered about how to install them–here’s what I do.
  • Save to Desktop on File (assuming your on the website and clicked “Download”
  • Double Click the saved zipped file.
  • Extract INTO your — Program Files —-> World of Warcraft Folder —–> Interface folder —-> into Add Ons folder. That’s it. 
  • Make sure WoW is OFF. When you loaded them on your Character Selection page there will be a “Add On” tab on the lower left side of the screen. Here you can see what all you have loaded or didn’t. You can enable all, disable all or be selective.
Going into these raids should be FUN but it can easily be ruined by people not listening to advice, please be considerate and listen. 
In regards to 10 person raids like Kara, if you don’t do the above, chances are you won’t be invited back and on a small server like ours, word gets around about your Noobness. Don’t be that guy/gal. Kara is the primer for the end game raids and also test your skills, gear, patience, spec (Specialization in the Talent Tree), so with all that you need to be ready for some constructive criticism. Some people are more tactful than others but in pugs you are expected to know what your doing, luckily if your running with a guild they will be more lenient and patient. In higher raids like Kara here are some important tips.
  • Go online and read about the instance, boss encounters, where to stand, what to do. There are tons of resources online about what/where/how on these raids. Do yourself and your raid members a huge favor and enlighten yourself.
  • Reageants are very important. Bring your goods! 
  • Be ON TIME. This is very important for guilds as it shows respect for others that your their and committed. Pugs are different since it’s an impromptu run but still, once invited get your stuff and go!
  • Use a Ventrilo or Ingame Chat program. Some guilds won’t allow you to raid with them if you don’t have the add ons or Vent. We have a server and I always suggest you all use it. If your scared about talking you don’t have to but you DO HAVE to Listen. We don’t have time to type out warnings or messages in the heat of the battle, open voice and clear communication is essential for these raids and even 5 mans. Don’t be shy. Log in! 
  • Very important on PUG High Ends and Heroic Dungeons that you discuss Loot rules BEFORE going in. 
Welp, I hope some of this helps you with your raiding and instances. Good Luck!
~ WookieLuv/AutumnKnight/Wootbeer!


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6 responses to “Key elements to having a successful group/raid.

  1. I would like to suggest practice. Before going on raids, learn your role in 5 man groups (both guild and PUGs). I know from experience that soloing and being Powered thru an instance do NOT prepare you to support a normal (ie appropriately leveled) group. You can’t know your role just by reading up on it, get out and learn it!

    Add-ons become more important as the instances get more difficult/rewarding. You may not need advance tools to run VC, but the farther you go the more tools you want in your box.

    Be open to suggestions. This doesn’t mean you have to listen to every asshat that tells you how to play, but listen to sensible advice (and accept it as applicable). Also give suggestions, but don’t overload another player with unwanted advice in the middle of an instance.

    Have fun. It’s a game and you should be getting some enjoyment out of it. If you make a commitment for a run, you should honor that. But don’t make that commitment if you really don’t want to do it. Being unhappy and resentful is not as productive as having a good time.

    And finally, be on time. If you have a scheduled event and you can’t make it, let an officer know. Otherwise be logged in with enough travel time to reach the rallying point. Nothing saps the fun factor (see above) more than starting 2 hours late when you have to get to work early the next day. Don’t be the guy that makes that happen.

  2. LoL, thanks. Mostly stuff I have learned on Azshara. The more you group the more you learn. Well the have fun one wasn’t new. I have had friends burn out because they felt obligated to do everything fro their friends/guildies and started being resentful of their obligations.

  3. I used to feel obligated but as you play more and experience more you realize NOT to and just do what you can when you can without guilt. Wish I could do that in real life. lol
    The GOOD thing imo is that with the influx of real life players via Logtar it helps with feeling more like a person/guild rather than a number/random.

  4. “You can’t know your role just by reading up on it, get out and learn it!”

    Although this is very true, I would like to add two things to your comment:

    1. Although you cannot know your role JUST by reading up on it, you still should do it anyways, because some of the game mechanics are definitely NOT obvious!

    2. If in doubt, practice some PvP along the way, this is one of the best opportunities for you to learn some skills you might otherwise never have thought useful.

  5. Hey Dionadar you are right, the JUST is important to my meaning.

    I really like your #2. Having played mostly on PvE servers, I can tell you the hardest mob takes less creativity and fast thinking to kill than even a modestly experienced PvPer does. Both offensive and defensive action in world PvP can teach you a lot about your classes skills. And a well organized (non-zerg) battleground can be an invaluable tool when about working on a team with others.

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