Hooray for Charity! Katrina Style!

Click the CNN link about the wonderful world of freebies via our government agencies. Seems to me the Katrina issue has to be our single most significant breakdown of our (USA) ability to walk the walk. AND despite Bush haters it wouldn’t have mattered who was in the office when this came to town. It’s a matter of red tape of the government and pure corruption. I don’t count the mistakes of Katrina with the people it affected because that is an entirely different matter. Meaning, the reactions of the residents * see looting, killing, raping, pillaging, stealing, fraud, murder, death, kill,* was not in direct relation to our governments lack of preparation or attitude. Look at the past 3-4 weeks of Midwest Floods for an opposite reaction….anywhoo– this is one of the reasons for my cynical outlook on charities….I’ll donate to charities I KNOW are legit and have a means to an end but most are bad investments…least of all our own government agencies. Hope they’re enjoying my toaster oven I sent…


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