Guild Meeting & Raid on Tarren Mill July 16th

Haven’t had an Official Guild meeting in awhile so let’s have one. Set for July 16th Wed. at 7pm ST (server time) NEW TIME FOR MEETING IS 9:30– RAID time is still correct!! which will be 7:30 pm ST. This will be a face to face guild meeting so please plan on meeting up at Southshore. Meeting will last 15-20 mins and AS SOON as it’s concluded we will raid Tarren Mill just north of Southshore. Hold it for as long as we can and MDK anyone who shows up. Goals of the Guild Meeting :

  • Discuss Guilds Short Term & Long Term Goals
  • Promote Members Deserving Such (Pst me on who you think deserves a promotion)
  • Discuss Kara
  • Recruitment Drive and our Expectation of New Members
  • Guild Bank Tabs and the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Social Impact of Megan Fox’s TnA
  • Make Trades with Members as well as Enchants
  • Meet & Greet
  • Duels…naked or otherwise.
Please try and make it if only for 15 mins. I’ll rarely call a mandatory meeting but the point of a guild is to participate and be ONE with the Force/Guild/Socialization. Let me know if you cannot make said meeting via posting here, ingame, on the forums.
I will update our Group Calendar tonight. Have a safe and fun weekend and see you ingame.
P.S.  This will also be HOSTED on OUR VENT. So if you dont have it PLEASE GET IT!!!!!!!!


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6 responses to “Guild Meeting & Raid on Tarren Mill July 16th

  1. Dewd, can you e-mail me the vent info? I have looked here and on TOS Forums but either I am blind or retarded but I can’t find the info. Logtar said it was there, and I tend to believe him, but I can’t see it.

    As for Wed, I should make it. Last time we raided TM I was only like lvl 45. So I might live a little longer this time round!

  2. When you log in go to our guild information tab- it’s in there. If you can’t find it I’ll post it for ya via email or sumpin.

  3. In the game? Cripes I never looked there. Dang I gotta start payin more attention to stuff!

  4. 7pm Server Time is 5pm my time (California) and I won’t be able to make that, unfortunately. I’ll be working until 5:30 pm and have a 30-45 minute commute home.

    The absolute soonest I could be on would be about 6:30pm – Assuming the wife doesn’t have something planned for then already.

  5. Tonglong

    Planning on being there! The horde has been all over Southshore lately too. It will be fun having a little payback!! =)

  6. The meeting is at 7pm and it’s mostly a meet and greet. If you can make it cool if not no biggie — Tarren Mill raids usually last over an hour depending on the Horde. =D I invited another guild to join us as well so we should have a decent turnout.

    Invite your friends!

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