Welcome Dark Eternal!

It’s official! The Old School will be merging with a transfer guild named ‘Dark Eternal’ throughout this week and next. See their armory here. I’m excited to announce that we will be adding a very respectable amount of 70’s (10 or so) as well as several various levels to our guild. We will absorb them into ours. Heres the basics for now, our meeting will determine details. After merger we should have approx 60-70 active players combined.

  • Dark Eternal ranked officers will be equivalent to OS rank with exceptions as we have more ranks than they do. 
  • Guild Bank will be still restricted to top ranked officers.
  • A special guild bank tab will be for HIGH end Materials specifically for our Raiders. 
  • Our Guild Name and Tabard will remain the same.
  • We are planning on running a new schedule of Kara and if able running two set groups. Saturdays and Tuesdays will be the set days…times will be determined later.
  • Planned Raids for Zul’Aman & Gruuls as well as future SSC attempts. Not to mention world PvP Raids to spice it up.
Special thanks to Alystria and Rexxigal for hammering out the details and being open to the idea/merger. I hope we can all benefit from this and enjoy WoW that much more. 
I will be revising our guild rules and ranks on this blog and our forum info. Thanks!


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4 responses to “Welcome Dark Eternal!

  1. That’s great news! I know you have been tiptoeing round this for a while, trying to put it together. Congrats man!

  2. Tip Toeing and tryin not to jinx it mostly. =D

  3. Yeah, well… it worked.

    And having read between the lines back around the 4th, lemme tell you it was not easy to keep from bugging you for details all the time =P

  4. Great time last night! The raid was awesome, attack/be repelled/rally/defend/attack again… And the new folks all seemed pretty cool.

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