Happy Birthday Alo!


Tis a day early but tomorrow the 23rd is the Love of my Lifes Birthday! This shall be our 4th one celebrated together. I can easily recall our first meeting at the lake when we we’re both members of an online dating service called “KC Singles”. She was shy and quiet, I was talkative and inquisitive. I was dating another at the time but my interest was very much there. I was captivated by our phone calls, her voice, her generosity and something I was seriously lacking in my life, Intelligence. Her wit and sense of humor matched mine if not soared above it that I became smitten. Sight unseen I gave her and her friend tickets to Yallapalooza by leaving her the tickets (VIP and backstage) in her car at her work. I sprayed it (the card) with some of my cologne so that she might think I was a romantic and give her something to think of. 

Our upcoming wedding and our family coming to town is icing on our proverbial cake…. and journey through life and what will also be many, many more celebrations to enjoy together.

I Love You AlixAndria


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  1. It makes me happy when I see you together. You are both very cool people! I wished Alix HBD somewhere else already, but have an awesome one!

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