Caesar Salad

My love posted about this past weekends funny moment when we (family) went to Red Lobster for some lunch, during which my son mentioned he loved Caesar Salads but his breath always smelled of fish. We all laughed (he chuckled but with a pensive look) and I stated, rather boldly that there is no fish in a Caesar Salad! (pounds chest) Alix, agreed right along with me and we had a good laugh as it was how my son said it rather than if it actually DID have fish (anchovy) in it’s ingredients. After his embarassment and personal chuckle he said his mom said that it did. I said she was ‘wrong’. He argued as he was in his “protect mom!” mode and when I saw that  I relented and said “ok”….and moved on. 

Flash Forward Monday (kids back at their mommas) I get an email from my son saying I was wrong (sorta) and that I need to research my facts before making fun of someone. My son is intelligent but he uses spelling in the form of trash. He spells like “wat r u doin, k, koo, hws it hgn” — the dead give away was his momma wrote the email in the guise of a 13 year old pissed off because of the ingredients and his dad making light of it. Yeah right…So I wikipedia it, as well as 3-4 resources and come to find out there ARE versions of the salad that do have anchovies. However, the ORIGINAL versions did not. So we were both wrong and both right. +1 to Sonya (his Momma). Then just lastnight we (Alix) researched the actual ingredients to the RED LOBSTER Caesar salad and Low and Beholden theirs DOES contain the little rancid fishies. So -5 to me! 

So in the blogsphere of apologies I am sorry I made fun of you SON! And to the ex-wife who has carnal knowledge of fish (she hates fish btw– so I’m guessing that’s how she knows) I apologize. You we’re right and I was wrong.

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  1. Dude, that is funny. I read the original post and didn’t think a thing about fish breath. Just figured maybe it was cheese, and the garlic in the dressing. I don’t eat ceasars a lot myself, but I am pretty sure there are no fishys in the ones at Wendy’s!

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