I call BS.

The recent hub bub on the local KC blogs is stats and it’s supposed non-importance. Reasons for having a blog range from freedom of expression to a cathartic exercise in life. They also go on to post their stats to show that they ‘really don’t care’. Yet, they take the time to upload, announce, banter, share things that don’t matter to themselves. Come on…stop bullshitting, people. You write for reactions and to feel important. You want the attention and crave the teat of societies acceptance, even if the sliver of audience you appeal to is just that, a sliver. Get off your high horses of self righteousness and simply admit you like the attention, you DO read the meter, you DO care if someone likes you. It’s the flavor of the month(s) to be the anti-blog person who rejects anything mainstream and/or popular. All the kool kids are doing it……That’s so 1988. Get over yourselves and “keep it real”.

Yo. And now an ODE (visual) to Tony of Kansas City…..





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7 responses to “I call BS.

  1. Love me some Salma Hayek!

    As for stats, I don’t give a crap about mine or anybody else’s. I only skimmed Logtar and others post who were about them. I also don’t run searches on who is reading my page or how they got there. I don’t care.

    I know as a geek, I should. But with my very mild OCD I don’t wanna get obsessed with anything that doesn’ actually improve my life. Blogging has benefits for me, but pouring over stats does not.

    Did I mention Salma was the first celebrity my sister-in-law approved me to marry? Of course that was before I started dating Lilly.

  2. I DO NOT check stats, anymore… seriously. I checked them after I saw people posting theirs…

    I do care if people like me, but its all about what people are important. I am not saying that lurkers are not good, but what I really want from a visitor is participation… that matters more to me than how many hits I get.

    I cannot get over myself, I am still in a codependent relations with Logtar.

  3. I agree Logtar. I DO want people to like me as well. Its the quality of the comments that build up my esteem, not the number of visitors. I would not do well with negative attacks in the comments (debates are fine, but I don’t like attacks), but everybody (even Tony) has always been kind and supportive.

    As for boobies Wook, I don’t post many pictures anyway, but I think Lilly may have a picture of me with my shirt off at Great Wolfe Lodge. Would that count?

  4. Man Boobs > The Dark Knight

  5. Now that’s just NICE. I gotta link this blog and this photo set will live forever in my heart.

  6. Sorry, I don’t care about the topic, but I HAVE to mention the scene in From Dusk Til Dawn where Salma was doing the dance in the vampire bar with the snake. Whoa. Seriously. Ouch. =)

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