China and the Olympics = skeetsauce.

The coming Olympics being held in China is pure and complete bullcocky. The past and present human rights violations/abuse should have been the reason NOT to have the Olympics in China. The government is among the worst in the modern day world of caring little of it’s citizens, more specifically ones that are individuals or think for themselves. I’ve not been a fan of the Olympics for years no w and this is another reason for me to ignore the whole spectacle once again. Why give credence and acceptance to a government like China? Why? 

I’ve recently read more and more about the promises China has broken for having the Olympics held in Beijing, most recent is the broken promise of the Press given access to the internet, fully…. The release of political groups/individuals who we’re recently jailed for civial protests, not to mention the whole TIBET fiasco that’s been going on for years. Where’s the outcry and rage of the media (not just the USA but worldwide) about China’s continual disregard for human rights and basic freedoms? How does the world send a message to China? We give them the Olympics. 

Whatever you do see in the coming weeks about it’s people, cities…it’s all prefabricated and filtered. It’s not real. It’s the Matrix in RED.

News of China’s Welcoming The World……..


They recruit/train 12 year old gymnasts to compete

Spying on Guests…..

And we all know they make painting our TOYS without lead paint…even THIS WEEK.

And in my limited narrow view of the world, I blame most of this on the power and lure of money. imo of course…..


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  1. I heard the thing about restricting and monitoring guests internet access just this morning. Doesn’t surprise me in the least with China’s track record. I am however kind of surprised that they care enough about westerners opinion to make local restaurants take dog off the menu, bit will still screw them over like this.

    In the end, it all comes down to power politics. China has a lot of clout now, and other governments don’t wanna cheese them off. So they send in the PR people to smooth everything over.

    As for me, I have historically been pretty tepid on the Olympics anyway (except for bobsledding thanks to “Cool Runnings”) so skipping the whole deal this year will be easy. I hate to say I am “boycotting” the affair, as the word sounds really self-important. Besides I doubt one geek playing WoW instead of watching will make them respect personal rights.

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