Native American

nativeamericanart.jpgSeems I get them earlier and earlier every year. I’m allergic to ragweed…and it seems to be something else since ragweed isn’t prevalent quite yet. So I type all stuffy and headachy wanting meds to stop the madness of it all. Ugh. I’ve also noticed more and more things as I get older and creep towards the age of 40. Currently I’m happy being 37. Well not really happy but this seems to be the age where people take you ‘serious’ in the business of whatever you are doing in the work/career field. Not that I wasn’t taken seriously before but the surroundings and management really dictate if you are respected among your peers. I’m straying….back on topic. Wait what is the topic????  Age? Allergy? Hrmm……

Let’s go back to age. My birthday is next month and the main things I’ve noticed getting older was hair. More of and lack of. My hairline is slowly receding (thanks to my moms side) and my growth of ear hair, back hair are matching the fallout rate on an equal basis. I don’t have a hairy back or front but I get the ONE diabolical LONE hair that simply sticks out. Just last week I was going to lunch with John (Logtar) and another co-worker when out of the blue John mentions something about going to a Barber. About how the Barber got rid of a unstable hair during his cut. I think nothing of it. We meander back to the office and riding up the elevator they’re both giggling like little kids and I ignore them (I’m very good at ignoring people). Then finally they tell me theres a WHITE (Grey?) hair sticking out the side of my head. A LONE ROGUE Hair sticking literally straight out. I feel embarassed for all of 3 seconds then head to the bathroom to take care of said Hair gone Wild. It looked 100% stupid. It took 2-3 tries to pluck it out and when I did it was still stiff as a board. I looked in the mirror and noticed my right side of my body/face has the most gray/white hairs than my left. It wasn’t the first time I’ve noticed this but I believe it’s my “WHITE” side. My other half is Native American…which means I have the saving grace of Native Blood to offset whitey’s imperfections of baldness, gray hair, pale skin (yes pale skin is an imperfection…*SEE the SUN*) but I’m only fighting all of that at 50%. right side is white my left is Arikara/Mandan/Hidatsa. My white side is Irish…Irishmen who moved to Kentucky. Hillbillies. Without “bubblin” crude. Ever see a full blooded Native American with a beard? Ummm….no.

So I’m guessing by the time I’m in my 60’s one side of my body (my right) will be gray & bald. My other side (my left) will be hairless, tan with diabetes. I will look like an older, wiser version of ………….I don’t know. This inspired me to come up with FAMOUS Native Americans. 

Jim Thorpe

Russell Means

Billy Mills

N. Scott Momaday

Will Rogers

Plus some lists of others. 

As well as a nice map of tribes- Mine are all in North Dakota — Arikara. within that is our Clan name “REE“.

Our Tribes are made up of Three- (due to something called Small Pox).– to the “THREE AFFILIATED TRIBES



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5 responses to “Native American

  1. Not exactly sure why but looking at that map makes me sad… the same thing I feel when I look back at all the tribes lost in Colombia also… sad. I have to get my next tattoo soon.

    You are not old yet, the gray does not look bad and at least you dealt with your rogue hair yourself… mine was an unsuspecting jank and then ridicule of a (quoting the haircutter lady) “kinky white hair.”

  2. I didn’t know you were Native American, I apologize for calling you Chief in game chat (altho I associate it with its Naval tradition).

    My rogue hair is usually a long straight one coming out of my right eyebrow. Looks like i am growing a dang horn.

    And Logtar, there is nothing wrong with being white and kinky!

  3. Don’t apologize for calling me “Chief”. I’m not the anal retentive politically correct bullshit natives who cry about using our names for sports teams, high schools or other objects. Please DO continue to call me “Chief”….Honky.

  4. My Dad’s family is from Tennessee and in some of our family geneologies there is listed “Cherokee Indian” with no name. Makes me very curious about that heritage although I seem to have inherited almost all of my Mom’s European features (white as a ghost and balding as well). My Dad tans very dark, I burn a nice red color =(

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