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the DAY before…wedding plans and the art of motorcycle maintenance.


True Love


Alo’s parents, sister and other family members arrived earlier this week. My father and friend fly in today at the worlds most convenient airport (no joke, our airport is by far the most efficient well planned one ever…) our day is going to be filled with driving, cleaning, cooking, talkings, driving, picking up/dropping off, cleaning, rehearsing, driving and tons of SMILING. I’m very excited too! It’s often been said one’s life can be summarized in maybe a dozen moments, and I believe today and tomorrow will among those. 

Despite my lack of sleep in the past week (minus lastnight as I slept like a baby…..) I’ve been relatively calm and relaxed, I try not to stress on things and really have not (besides lack of money– paying for a wedding isn’t exactly cheap brothas and sistas)..had anything major mess up my mood. For all of that I point at my soon to be wife AlixAndria. She runs the show and her initiative and drive to get things done was a key element that drove me to be madly in love with her. I count on her for so many things in our day to day lives, many things I simply wouldn’t trust anyone to handle…but I do with her. I appreciate everything she is and everything she’s not as well as everything shes going to be.

I hope our friends and family enjoy our celebration this week and share in our life experiences on down the road. Alix and I both love and admire our friends and family and are blessed to have such down to earth real people friends. Thank You!



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Time with your kids & Johnson County Schools!

Spend it with them. Alix, being very wise made some sage like commentary a few weeks ago about her kids and going to pick them up, drop them off at their friends houses, events. I, being the cranky defensive step-dad-to be …wait I need to end this run-on sentence. OK, I was noticing how her kids friends parents NEVER picked up her kids to do things. Never swung by, dropped off or even (seems) to offer it. I spoke up a couple times saying how it’s not fair for us *Alix* to being doing all the driving. She replied that she only has a few years or less to have time with them before there out of the house and on their own. That stopped my bitching and I agreed. Our oldest live in is a Senior in HS this year and if things go according to plan- she will be moving out around this time next year for Florida (Culinary School). 1 down and 2 to go. She’s a bright smart funny full of life step daughter (I don’t like that term– so I’ll just call her my daughter)– so ya my Daughter will be leaving us next year and the time spent dropping her off, picking her up is small potatoes. 

My son, whom recently moved in with us started a new school (middle) and so far so good, granted it’s the first week seems to be happy. We are trying to focus him more on school and homework as last year was pretty much a failure (he lived with his mother….). He’s a good kid with a great heart as long as you don’t expect anything in the present department, gifts or sharing food. He’s a bastard when it comes to food. He’s nearly 6ft tall and just grew a 1/2 shoe size in the past 4 weeks to be wearing size 11.5 shoe and will eat you out of the house in a matter of days. I’m going to be keeping an eye on his food intake at school as one can track every purchase they make as they have to basically use a pass code when they buy food. That gets tracked online for me to see and If I need to can email the lunch ladies and cut him off from certain foods and snacks. My son isn’t fat per se – I think he’s right around 180 lbs. But ya gotta watch him…

My daughter-daughter is quickly catching up in the height department but remains boney and self-conscience of her weight. Yes, I will blame the media, music vids, friends and pop culture on her weight. She’s picky what she eats minus; hot dogs and dessert. She won’t have any type of red sauce on her pasta- instead she’ll take it without and add a little bit of butter. She loves Fettucini Alfredo and Mac n Cheese but will not eat Chicken unless it’s in a nugget form or strips. Just this week we let her start wearing a thin line of eyeliner….this is her first time in a public school (and my son) so she’s stoked she can do normal things. Catholic schools have certain rules like no make-up, same clothes (which is fine imo– school uniforms), 40 hours of community service for kids (ours had over 200 hrs this past year working at a Assisted Living Center for the past 2 years) , tithing, parent mandatory volunteering, 30 fund raisers per calendar year, tithing, and more tithing.

I, sometimes get perplexed at the thought of God being broke. =D I think parochial schools are great, if you can afford them. We are very fortunate (not really…) that we live in if not the best top 20 school districts in the USA for public schools– Blue Valley, Olathe & Shawnee Mission School districts– which are well funded and if anyone asks where our tax dollars go all one has to do is look to 160th and Antioch at Blue Valley West High School. Johnson County get’s a lot of Hater press but if you want to have your kids going to an elitist public school- Johnson County is the place to be. (If you are really LOADED they go to the State Line Prep School Barstow where the tuition alone is more than Kansas University (out of state)- with that 99.9% of them go to College and most go to Ivy League).  Sometimes (if not a lot) money is a good thing.

So with this new school year we have high hopes and our only wishes if for our kids to get great grades and being happy….along with smatterings of sports, music and being a kid. I try to tell them this time in their lives is among or will be the best times in their lives. You only have 5 things you need to worry about as a teen.

1. Good Grades

2. Homework

3. Chores

4. Stay out of trouble  

5. Don’t get pregnant or get someone pregnant and/or STD’s.

Simple enough.


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Thanks Mom & Dad!

My mother passed away spring of 2006 from nearly 40 years of smoking 2 packs a day. Lung, followed by brain cancer is among the worst ways to lose someone as it’s long and drawn out. I really lost her just before her chemo treatments. I’ve always thought ones birthday should be celebrated more as a thank you for your mother and father. We should simply have a day of less importance being born and more of a thank you for mom and dad making the effort, accident or not for giving me life. It’s still very painful for me at times without having my mother around, to call- we talked nearly every day prior to 2006 as she was lonely from moving around alot and my fathers hours working. She had her faults like everyone else and hindsight very typical ones; over bearing, over opinionated, nosey, stubborn and moody. Much like me. =D

The good qualities are numerous, generous, loving, empathy and confident. Although not much for huggy/kissy mothering she loved me and my sister with everything a mother could. My father and her provided me an extremely happy childhood. Meager lower income but if one doesn’t know the difference it doesn’t matter, we had family trips every summer and spring. Swimming and camps in the summertime, mom would make Sunday Pot Roast, my father taught me all about lawn care (priming me). as well as learning techniques for drawing and art. I would literally spend my winter months in his art studio going over huge art books. Micheangelo, DaVinci, Hopper, Pollack, Frank Lloyd, Picasso, Monet as well as current trends (at the time the 70’s and 80’s). I would get high off his markers and listen to American Top 40 every sunday morning sitting at his drafting table. It was simply amazing. My time spent in his Studio was golden.

For me, life having a meaning is to have a family. To create life with someone you love and have children of your own, I’ve been blessed to have done this with my two wonderfully crazy kids. 50% ain’t bad! I’ve been doubly blessed to have found Alo whom I will be marrying next week. I get to not only marry someone with qualities that could make this an extra-extra long blog post but I get to be a part of her family. 

I was born on August 19th 1971 at 7:14 p.m. in Omaha Nebraska @ Mercy Hospital by Doctor Brown– who coincidentally I was next to when he delivered my own Son at the same Hospital–and also coincidentally just across the street no less than 100 yards my mother is buried, I love you Mom and Dad, thanks for having me.

Your Son,



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The levels of Geekdom

While eating BOOGAS at Tanners today a topic of discussion, while brief, was interesting (to me). Levels of geekdom, nerdness, freak. Let’s first go over the terminology because there seems to be several so your mileage may and will vary. I’m a new nerd, new in that my gaming nerdness started back in 1993 with Magic the Gathering. Prior to that I collected (still do) comic books…collecing comics is more geek than nerd. That was the extent of geekdom before 1993, comic books and loved certain genres of science fiction…but I never read novels just comics, Carl Sagan (COSMOS!) and Douglas Adams.

After my learning and playing of Magic I moved onto the novels of the lore of MtG as well as playing other Collectible Card Games like; WYVERN, Star Trek, Star Wars, Illuminati, Highlander, Call of Cthulu, Doomtrooper (one of my favs) and a few others, I tried all except Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh as that would put me at a level of play and geekdom to which wouldn’t grasp. Or would want to. So, my focus on the genre of CCG’s last to this day, as well as my love for all things Star Wars, Science Fiction, Comics (of which is or has crossed over to mainstream, good thing? No…but that’s another blog),

  1. Classic Nerd : glasses/contacts, plays Dungeons and Dragons, has at one point in time had conversations in basic, plays online games but very very picky and snobbish. Remembers his first computer and probably still has it somewhere in moms house. Plays MUD from time to time. Social skills are limited to close knit friends and weary of crowds.
  2. New Age Nerd : Plays MMO’s but the old ones like Everquest. Refuses to play new games on the basis of it costing too much money but has no problems buying $493.00 worth of used Warhammer Miniatures (already painted).
  3. Live Action Role Playing Nerd: For those who don’t know what a LARP is…it someone who acts out the physical attributes with others. Just think back when you we’re 8 years old playing Army/Cowboys & Indians/Barbies but over the age of 15. Most are in thier late 30’s. These people are very very serious about games and roleplaying. They are also scary depending on the type of roleplaying they’re doing. They will book their conventions at hotels and take it over, literally. I give mad props to these people because they don’t a fuck what you or society thinks of them, these are the purists of nerds/geeks. Here’s an example…….
  4. MUD Nerd: These are the online versions of a Dungeon and Dragons player. They literally make things up in a game without using anything except the power of words. No graphics, no flash…just their brains and a sometimes loose set of rules. It would drive me NUTS doin this (I did in 1990 for 1 month..I quit due to sex, drugs and slam dancing). MUD stands for Mutli-User Dungeon. — here’s an example…..
  5. Warhammer/Lead Nerds: these are very close to the DnD nerds in that they are using little figurines that they can paint themselves or have someone else paint them. This endeavor into gaming is among the most expensive where collections usually start around $500.00 + just recently (past 5 years) a smart marketing guy came up with the el cheapo version of Clix and variances. Instead of pewter/lead figurines it’s made out of little plastic figures on top of a base for the mechanics of the game. Strength/Power/Abilities. I’ve not tried this one as like most things in gaming I can’t do it half asses and with my monies for gaming goes to MMO’s and Magic…well my money is stretched to my limit on comfort level. These type of gamers/nerds are hardcore, how could you not be when it’s basically playing with barbies…but with swords and guns. (Think grown up GI JOE).
  6. “Ohh looks it’s SHINEY!” nerd– this would resemble my gaming/nerding style. I will try most new games for awhile then simply quit them unless they have that addictive crack feeling to them (Like WoW and MtG). These types will go from game to game like you should change your underwear– everyday. They also tend to master the game very quickly but with that get very bored and need more options. I have 5 level 70’s in WoW and 4 more in their upper 40s…in that aspect of being bored or needing change, I got that covered.
I’m sure there are several other types out there I’ve left out like the Comic Book Nerd, Starcraft Asian Nerds, Horror Nerds, those people who dress up like Furry Animals freaks/geeks and even have sex with that costumes on…, the Star Trekkies, Star Wars (like me) collector nerds, the list goes on and on. Point is with so many options out there for types one has to be careful labeling us nerds.


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End of the world coming…

Click here for the article…..

If only they would wait til after we’re married…..

and IF I’m right someone owes me a BLACK n TAN in the next life……….


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Our typical guild meetings….I’m HITLER btw…


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Happy Birthday Raech!

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