Our typical guild meetings….I’m HITLER btw…



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3 responses to “Our typical guild meetings….I’m HITLER btw…

  1. OK, this IS a Guild related post but not even romotely close to your actual topic. I am posting here asI don’t have an e-mail addy for you handy.

    I spoke to my buddy (new TOS Member Darkreaver) and he says that he is liking the server. He even has two friends leveling up new toons. He and one of the guys have poured over the TOS armory and he listens to the Guild chat and, well, the 2 of them are talking bout X-fering one of their 70s (each) over to join TOS for raiding Kara.

    My buddy wants to know what combination would do more good, A Holy Paladin with a Tank Warrior, or a Ret Pally with a Hunter. My friends characters are Deathreaver and Ironreaver on Mug’Thol in the guild Soulbound to your Mom. Look em up, talk to him, I think they are THIS close to jumping over.

    N }:-

  2. Holy Pally with a Tank Warrior HANDS DOWN.

    tell em we can make a special rank called “I Soulbounded your MOM!” if they transfer over.

  3. LoL! I’ll pass on the word!!!

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