Guild Update Fall 2008

This past weekend we we’re able to buy our 5th Guild Bank tab for just a mere 2500 gold. The next tab will run 5000g and I don’t see us doing that, seems a bit expensive. Many thanks to all who have added their hard earned gold to the bank. Since we are not planning on buying another tab I think we can use the gold (as it builds up) for mounts, respec’s and items of excellent quality. I think Mounts for Guildies is a fine idea but has a lot of issues if it goes wrong. I believe if you are under 60 you need to earn the mount yourself without taking from the guild bank. Base mounts (non-epic) for 60+ I would be ok with–typically costs about 1000g + or – depending on your reputation. I would also only consider us funding mounts to those whom have been in the guild for an extended period of time. (3+ months of active guild participation). I see no need to fund someone whose only been in the guild a couple weeks let alone never helps, participates. Please reply to my thoughts and suggestions here in the message area or email ingame or simply talk to me ingame. I am very open to other suggestions and ideas what we should use the gold/guildbank funds for.

Rules— please see the rules tab on this blog if you are new to the guild, they are there for all to follow and obide. Simplified version is it comes down to mutual respect among your guildmates. Please NOTE our guild rules are NOT the same as our sister guild The Old School Academy and your rank in said guild does NOT transfer to ours except you go to “Senior Officer” vs. “New Recruit”. This changed recently due to the fact we have no clue how long you were in TOSA with they have literally hundreds of members. Moving up in rank is pretty straight forward, participate, help and being mature will get you ranked up, being needy, pushy and wallflower-like will get you nada.

Progression — We have been making our weekly runs at Kara but still are in need of solid guildies to show up *including myself*. “Pugging” it up for spots on Heals and Tank I understand but we should never have to find DPS/Melee. (but we do). I have made efforts to recruit new members, please take the initiative and recruit some on your own. If your in an instance (pug or otherwise) and enjoy being around players who KNOW THEIR ROLE** just ask them in a tell if they’d like to give our guild a try. My little ‘schpeil’ goes a little like this… “We’re looking for new recruits to join us, we’re a casual but focused guild but are in need of new players, we have a 2 week trial to see if there’s a fit…” Try it. Nothing to lose.  So, let’s continue to use the Group Calendar and sign up! Let’s get used to working with eachother and HAVE PATIENCE (Kettle calling Black)…of which my patience as of late needs to be worked on. I will try to practice what I preach but moreover YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR ROLE. If you cannot hold the aggro, cannot heal in time, cannot pull the mobs correctly, cannot sheep/sap/trap – mostly cannot listen and learn you might consider a new game. =D j/k. But am I ? I never claimed to be 1337 or the best of the best, only I do know the basic and intermediate ways to play nearly all classes in WoW. With that, I know when someone is doing something wrong, I usually keep it to myself and drop hints but at this stage in the game (3 years) and your 70 you should KNOW how to PLAY. If you don’t, please tell us so we KNOW and will understand much more when you break that Sheep or forget to KICK something. I think we shall have a guild meeting dedicated to AIRING OUT our guildmate greivances. I’ve gotten several tells from various members about others and while it’s normal to have issues we do need to get them settled or at least try to work on them.

Wrath of the Lich King — **changes it all**  Some of you we’re here before the expansion, of those who were KNOW that when it came out it changed the face of Raiding and Loot. The end game instances of pre-BC loot were literally obsolete overnight by GREEN BC gear. While I do not have a source to refer to a good hunch is this will happen again with the Lich King expansion. What does that mean to me/us? For me it means I’m not all gung-ho about Kara. It means I’m going to farm rep and gold vs. Kara. Kara maybe obsolete once the expansion goes live. Or not. Know one knows but I recall my friends dedicating whole weekends in NAXX, ZG, AQ and were at eachothers throats trying to make raids work. I don’t want that. I will be there for our Weeklies but I’d rather focus on helping others hit the 70 mark so we CAN ALL progress as a guild. For us as a guild I’d like us to help eachother KNOW HOW TO PLAY their toon in a group and/or raid setting. Be patient on Kara runs, make mistakes, talk to eachother about what you and they can do to make it right, critique each other without drama. Do more Heroics as a guild! (starting to sound like McCain…”FIGHT FIGHT WITH ME!!!…” *pukes*

Let’s shoot for a Guild Meeting on Sept 10th at 9pm Server time. We will meet at the SLAUGHTERED LAMB Tavern in the Mage Quarter.



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3 responses to “Guild Update Fall 2008

  1. If the girl from the poster is there, SO AM I!

  2. boobies!!!!!

    Srsly tho, I might be able to make it on then. Wednesdays are typically the one night a week that my wife is home from work that we get to spend together with the kids.

    I’ll try to be on at 9 server time.

  3. sam

    The girl in that post is actually in my guild.. yes, it’s true. A great player I might add.

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