God Particle




CERN pushed the ON button today and we seem to still  here on earth…..or are we? As the CERN scientists and collab’s get more and more comfortable smashing proton beams together they plan and increasing the energy. “Small steps Sparks, Small Steps”….~ Contact  I love the name they gave the particle they are trying to find or even better, not find. The God Particle. More links here and here.

While I have not a single clue on how they are doing this research I’m all for it even if they create a black hole, mini or not that swallows up the earth and our solar system, I wish I could be there to see it. Touring the 17 mile radius facility would be a great vacation, imo. Plus the chance we (Man) could alter reality or change the face of our planet?? That’s friggin cool! 


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3 responses to “God Particle

  1. Maybe the world DID end man…

    I mean flying pigs are having snowball fights in hell according to some people.

    Oh, you want the proof http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=9679894519&sid=1

  2. kaari

    its still pretty scary… One minute there is france. The next its gone, sucked in a vacuum of space.

  3. Yeah, but it was France… we loose a little wine. Now if the vacuum sucked out a BEER country first I would be pissed.

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