The art of sixty-nine..or Everyone Love’s a Log.

Congrats to our local token Colombian Logtar (not really token since he holds his own and is an enigma unto himself, just sounded cool) on hitting level 69 in the Wonderful World of Warcraft. Although he has been courted by his friends in the past to give WoW a whirl (using as many “W”‘s as I can), he refused knowing full well he may be addicted along with 11 million other players. Lo-and-behold I ask him to join our Old School guild and with some intimate conversations with his wife he joined up. So just over 4 months ago he started up a Warrior and lastnight hit the near current pinnacle of levels (until the expax). Most of his levels, the early and mid levels were groups, pugs and instances, the latter levels he mostly pugg’ed it or Solo quested. He did it the Old School way! Earned the levels by getting to KNOW his character, skills, talents both Protection and DPS. Some, if not everyone says that “It’s Just a Game” demeaning the value of games yet they do play them. I believe that games are more than games but direct relations and synergies one has in their ‘real lives’. He worked hard to achieve his goal. We as a guild work hard to achieve goals. MMO’s are goal oriented based games where one can directly see the result of cause and effect. That is why I think these type of games are so addicting, it’s relatively easy to level up and gear up as it has a built in social structure to do so AND social aspects incorporated into the game where one can make friends or enemies. Most people want to be good at whatever they do and these games allow you to do so despite obvious obstacles of physicality and social barriers. Logtar/John has come full circle with his MMO experience for WoW, he’s seen the good/bad and frackin ugly. I look forward to seeing him Main Tank and Off Tank for our guild. Great Work Log!


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3 responses to “The art of sixty-nine..or Everyone Love’s a Log.

  1. Main Tank ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t have as much time as Ivan to get all the gear, however I do have some cool friends that are going to gear me up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It has been interesting, I will post about hitting 70 as soon as I get the chance to actually get there… so close, yet so far!

  2. Way to go Logtar! You are staying about a half level ahead of me, but watch out while you are on vacation muahahahaha!

    Seriously tho, you are good at being a social contributing member of the guild, and you instinctively understood many game mechanics. As for gear… the first few greens and blues in WOTLK are gonna be awesome if TBC was any example, so don not obsess over gear (just get what you have time for).

    -Paraphrased from Conan The Barbarian
    Logta! What is best in life?”
    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the NPCs!

  3. Way to go Logtar!

    Funny how it is also Log’s fault for getting me re-involved in WoW. I had last played over a year ago and leveled a Dwarf Paladin up to 42 and then quit. Now, Tonglong, my fierce Gnome Mage (much more fun to play than the Pally) has surpassed the old toon to hit level 49! I’m looking forward to leveling higher so that I can join in more guild activities =)

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