This weekend is Ivan’s DEATHMATCH 2000!!!!!

This coming Saturday is the STV Arena Guild vs. Guild event at 5 pm ST. What this means is our “The Old School” guild will have set/mixed teams based on level vs. other teams from “The Old School Academy”. I will post more info tonight but basically you step into the arena and it’s game on. 5g or 10g entry fee for prizes (see/pst “Ivanvonivan” ingame for direct information) I believe the rules are simple- no Potions/Elixirs or Scrolls to be used and no outside healing (don’t think that’s possible…)


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One response to “This weekend is Ivan’s DEATHMATCH 2000!!!!!

  1. 5 PM? Frak I can’t make it. Throwing a BBQ for friends. I was hoping it was gonna bea earlier.

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