New Loot Rules : details and explanations.

Last week we had Sindan roll some particularly winsome rolls in Karazahn. He won 3 Epics in a row and one was a T4. The officers; Phrozen, Phreezin, Ivanvonivan and Tyiako all agreed it’s not fair that one person would get all the loot from a single run, I agreed. It’s not fair seeing loot drop and go to someone who needs it more or is more deserving*. We now have an updated loot guideline and rule as follows. I will also list out examples of what X factors may play into this. If you have issues with this new rule please talk to me or the listed officers above before going off the deep end and kill little kittens.

  • If an epic drops during Kara (specifically Kara) and it’s an item that will benefit you you may roll and if you win it you cannot roll again that night**. i.e. Tuesday fresh run and a your a priest and a healer item drops you roll against 2 other healers and win, that’s it for the night you cannot roll again. **If you are the only cloth healer and its class specific (no else needs it or rolls for it) then you CAN get the item. The ONE NIGHT rule does not apply if no one else needs it.
  • If you have alts like I do- and your class is needed, you can roll like anyone else. i.e. One night I’m on with my healer and I win a roll, later that run we need Devo my Lock for Oz or Shade – epic drops and I roll against another and win I still can roll.
  • If, god forbib…all night long all that drops is PLATE and we only have 1 Plate wearer, he/she can roll/win it outright without regard to the ONE Loot rule. Exception being if they do NOT need the item we will simply shard it.
  • Class Specific drop, new rule does NOT apply IF there is only one person in raid that can use it. i.e. Lastnight a Mage class epic dropped for Phreezin (frost spec) she was able to get the item because she was spec’d for it and it was class specific,– rule did not apply. If 3 mages rolled for it and needed it — rule  applies. 

These new updates are hopefully an easy fix to a sometimes complex issue when raiding, we just want to ensure the guild has fair rules and for our guild core members to benefit for the time and effort they put into the game/guild.



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4 responses to “New Loot Rules : details and explanations.

  1. Unfortunately random does NOT equal fair.
    Sounds like you guys are trying to work it out in good faith.

  2. Sindan

    just wondering what the * is for after the word “deserving”, also, from here on in, this rule will be refered to as “Sindan’s Paradox”

  3. *deserving* Is when a player is always on time, always willing to help with the Kara raids, is there Tues, Wed, Thurs, Weekends etc.(I don’t expect you to dedicate ALL your time to it but it’s simply not fair to those who show up more than others then get screwed on drops to those who rarely show up or are late), vs. someone who shows up once a week, or has to leave an hour and half into the raid, or simply doesn’t know how to play their toon or only wants to help with Kara when they’ve reached a certain boss, meanwhile the guild has killed all the trash, other bosses…

    Maybe I should copy and paste this. lol

    Nuke– Yeah I agree random is NOT fair but I think some basic communication before we start would help a lot for loot drops. The little fiasco’s that did happen was when we were all in a hurry (why?) to move onto the next boss. If it we’re me I would specify who gets what before we go in. Not so much a DKP system but a “who needs the upgrade” mantra that will help the guild as a whole vs. individual. Unfortunately we need pugs so that kinda throws a wrench into my idea.

  4. Well with Colleen, Jeff and I (and Logtar soon as he gets back) making 70, I am hoping after we get geared up we can help cut down on the puggies.

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