44 Days & Nights….and counting.

Heather Locklear

Locklear after 28 hours of WOTLK Beta

November 13th– only 44 days to go til the expansion comes out and I cannot wait. I’m <insert any adjective>! My focus in the coming weeks is to level up one of my alts- I have a mage, paladin, shaman and druid. My Paladin is the closest at 50 but I find them to be pretty darn boring, I may focus on my Mage (Husker) who is sitting at 45 (?). Tossing huge DPS bolts of Fire and.or. Ice has always been appealing to me…and the sound of “Arcane” damage maybe too cool to pass up. I just need some help from the guild/friends and will happily return the favor.  The new talent tree’s look promising as well as all the feedback from the BETA testers, Blizzard has a Gem on their hands so I hope they don’t go and f-it up. I was there when they killed Star Wars Galaxies, when EQ2 came out and when City of Heroes just simply lost it. We are talking about a completely different game company though with Blizzard…(knocks on wood).



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3 responses to “44 Days & Nights….and counting.

  1. I’m still levelling up my 41 Druid, so if you see Melidor online and want to hit up some quests, let me know.

  2. Tonglong will be happy to assist you in your dramatic rise to the top!! Level 49 Mage at the moment…….

  3. “Locklear after 28 hours of WOTLK Beta”
    She should have tried out the barber shop feature.

    Closest toon I have to you guys is a 36 ‘locke I x-fered over when I did Recurve. I don’t wanna think about catching him up. But if you 3 need a dungeon run, just holler.

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