Favorite Fast Foods & Sammiches

Last night I was talking with Alo and my son about foods, it seems Pringles is on a flavor kick introducing 6-8 new “limited” releases of chips; Dill Pickle, Cheeseburger, Cheese Sticks, Honey Mustard, Onion Blossom, etc. Then we moved onto discussing what are our favorite genres of foods; snacks, desserts, fast food, semi-fast foods, sit down rests etc. We got on the topic of if you only could eat ONE Top Brand Fast Food Chains food for the rest fo your life what would it be. The “Top Brands” choices were;

  • McDonalds
  • Burger King
  • Wendy’s
  • Taco Bell
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Long John Silvers
  • Arby’s
  • Subway* (not necc. fast food..)
  • Hardees
  • Jack in the Box

Alo and I picked WENDYS in seconds and decided with all the choices and it’s “freshness” it counts for a lot. My son picked Taco Bell…..*puke*. A very very close 2nd was Arby’s for it’s freshness, curly fries, potato cakes, chicken cordon bleu plus it’s variety of semi- healthy sammiches. The one we all agreed sucked the most; Burger King. I think the demise of BK was about 10 years ago when they changed their cooking oil to something different, they have the absolute worst tasting fries in it’s genre. (McDonalds is #1 for fries imo).

We moved onto the eateries of Sandwich Shoppes and for Alo and I there was NONE better than Panera  Bread Co. Soups, fresh breads, cookies, muffins, awesome salads makes it among the Cadillacs of Sandwich places. – 2nd for both of us went to MmmmMmm Toasty Quizno’s. Hot fresh and toasty sandwiches dripping with cheese, sauteed mushrooms and the ability to load up on wonderful horseradish sauce! My son went with Jimmy John’s and I love it too but it can’t touch the previous mentions. Not suprisingly “Subway” came in last for all of us, I’ve had too many bad experiences with Subway; stale salad, greenish tomatoes, hard bread, tiny amount of meats but most of all the environment and customer service is terrible. Fly’s landing on the food, hair on my sandwich, makers with attitudes and seeing “Jerrad” the former fat fuck now with a pompous attitude in lame commercials. Did you know HOW he lost all that weight at Subway? He ONLY ATE the Veggie 6″ Sandwich. Eating lettuce and bread for over a year…of course you will lose weight…..duh……he didn’t eat the Club, the Turkey Bacon..he ate lettuce.  Our Honorable Mentions of Sandwich Shoppes: Planet Sub, Scholtzkies, Mr. Goodcents, Lenny’s and Kings.


Asiago Roast Beef Sandwich from Panera


Arby's Curly Fries


Jimmy John's



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3 responses to “Favorite Fast Foods & Sammiches

  1. Hmmm I love me some Long Johns battered fish with malt vinegar, but I couldn’t eat it all the time. Win goes to Wendy’s Chili and Salad, Burger and fries, decent chicken choices! Only drawback, as you said, they don’t have the best fries.

    As for sammich shoppes, I like Panera but no way is it my favorite. I love their chicken salad (altho I have to special order the whole grain bread) but that’s all I really ever have. I gotta go with Quizznos for all the reasons you said. Subway is dead last, after Goodcents even. And Jared cheated, he didn’t only eat the veggie, he puked it back up from time to time I hear. Douche!

  2. Every time I hear “Jack in the box”, I can’t help but remember the tainted meet thing that practally bankrupted them back in the 90’s:


  3. Patrick

    mmmmmmm Sanniches… /hungry

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