Kara is on WEDnesdays & Addons 101

Let’s start a new schedule for Kara. Wed nights at 8pm server time. With only 4-5 weeks before the expansion coming out let’s see about getting the new 70’s involved. We will still need the Main heals (AutumnKnight) and Main Tanks (Ivan or Woot or another experience player) to fill the roles as to not wipe but I would like for those who have never been a chance. If you are new and want to go please read up on the encounters and what’s to be expected of you. You can click here and here. Some basics are as follows;  Get ON VENT. I run the server for raiding and socializing, please use it. The vent info (address, port and password) are located in our guild information tab. Mods; these are add ons that must be used in order for the raid to be successful, especially if you are NEW. Deadly Boss Mods, Omen and KLH Threatmeter. If you are not familiar with how to use these or load here’s a quick 101. After you download to your computer you will need to Unzip/Extract the contents. You will need to extract these into the Plug-Ins & Addon’s folder.sample:   Directroy “C” Drive ——> Program Files —–> World of Warcraft Folder ——> Interface folder —-> Addons (is where you extract the files to.)

Once you add them (making sure you did so with WoW OFF) restart your WoW program. If it loaded correctly you will see a “Add Ons” button on the lower lefthand side of your Characters Page. Click it to see what is On and working. Keep in mind, certain adds will slow your system down so it’s really a trial and error to see what works best, however the ones I named are used by MILLIONS of people so they are coded pretty well. You will notice your interface screen different, click on the new icons and play around with the settings, also keep in mind some add ons only trigger (turn on) when you enter a dungeon or group up. Add ons are your friends and essential to being successful in WoW.

Warning: If you do not use the mods for Kara and wing it by not reading up on the encounters, not on Vent and you cause multiple wipes you will be replaced. Exceptions to this rule of not using mods are: you are anal retentive about what’s on your computer or your not allowed to load 3rd party software, your name is Tyiako or you simply have computer issues. I do not expect you to TALK in vent but I do expect you to LISTEN. A mic only costs about $8.00… we use vent to explain boss fights, give eachother shit about pulls, mana burning a boss and basic communication.  The threat meters are just that, they visually show you on a list of the amount of threat the boss/mobs your fighting, if you over take the threat on our Tank, odds are you will die or cause a wipe. Some guildies like our dynamic duo have a hard time keeping their crits to a steady stream even with the mods. (Phreezin & Phrozen)- they know this, I know this, the guild knows this but there’s nothing we can do about it less they have infinite ice blocks with zero cooldowns.

Please also use our group calendar mod. This is our primary tool to schedule instances, kara, events, parties and runs. Click here for the add on.

Hope to see you all this week! Oh and one more thing– anytime WoW has an update the add ons will need to be updated as well. Just go back to the curse site and read when it was last updated, the popular ones tend to be updated within hours of a patch release.

~ Wookieluv/AutumnKnight/Wootbeer/Wook/Devo/SeanCassidy/Husker/Pinkney/FoxyBish



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3 responses to “Kara is on WEDnesdays & Addons 101

  1. Nice write up man. I can’t promise I’ll be on much for a while tho. My Knee is bothering me and sitting at a desk for more hours doesn’t hurt it but ti doesn’t help it loosen up. Hope to see you guys soon tho.

  2. @ Nuke, get better man– I know knee pain is a bother. We’ll keep the guild fires going!

  3. Avellin (Rez)

    BigWigs > Deadly Boss Mods
    I changed and like BW 100x more. Some people run both. I have DBM running ONLY for battlegrounds disabling all its other addons.

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