Not bad…

I believe it was a successful run for our new players in Kara. The Sok’s (Colleen & Jeff) seemed stoked to be there and Jeff got some very nice gloves (healers) to add to his gear. Yarrow got the Crossbow from Attumen and our new addition Priere (prounounced Pree) got a non-boss drop. We only wiped once on Attumen! It was also a 100% guild run. The group consisted of me healing on AK, Sindan, Arance, Colleenvysok, Jeffvysok, Dragnort, Tyiako, Priere, Yarrow, McGerk= 2 Priests, 1 Drood, 2 Hunters, 2 Locks, 1 Rogue, 1 Pal & 1 War.  Odd ball group but it seemed to work just fine, especially on the AOE pulls in the dining room/stairs, not ONE death on AOE’s. (woot).

Moroes is on borrowed time- we got him down to 13% but failed on DPS, while locks are (seem) better at AOE this is where we needed Phrozen and Phreezins DPS. It didn’t help our shackles were getting broke by chance, bad luck or someone accidentally hitting them. We tried 6 times but called it for the night. I think we all had  a good time as the atmosphere was relaxed an everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves– and everyone was on vent 100%!

Continuation is tonight at 8pm server time. Priority spots goes to those from the first night *usually* however due to my brain fart, thinking yesterday (lastnight) was Wed. – it will be first come first served…or we could make a 2nd Kara group. Well see. Thanks to everyone for a good initial run.


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  1. Woohoo, way to go TOS!


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