I love my gamer wife & tips for wife aggro.


This weekend our resident good guy Logtar hit 70. It’s an achievment that is to be proud of because he did so without rushing or skipping content. Sure some of us helped him along the way, he’s a guildy. Sure I sometimes I ignored his pleas to come help him kill Horde who have been camping him for hours. I didn’t personally help him do much once he hit 60’s– but that was so he could get to know his toon. It was for his own good. Too many people, me included RUSH to level without enjoying the Journey. Journey is among my top 10 80’s Rock Bands…fyi. Logtar seemed to have enjoyed it and with minimalWife Aggro. Wife aggro or Significant Other aggro are chief reasons why so many people quit, get disgruntled or plain quit something the ENJOY doing. They are made to feel guilty playing, made to feel stupid and pressured….Not many people (yes, I’m generalizing– suck it if you don’t like it)…not many people ENJOY life and what it provides, gaming is one of the few pure joy entertainment venues one can do in the comfort of their home AND be social and interact with others. PLUS it’s ULTRA cheap..go to dinner or see a movie in a theater…shit…2 Pops and 1 Popcorn (Large) equals ONE Month of WoW….Specifically MMO’s, most wives, gf’s seem to forget that it’s not just YOU sitting in front of a screen mashing buttons…you are among 20-40 OTHERS sitting in front of a screen mashing buttons. That action of button pushing bonds you to others, creates friendships and makes your time in game FUN. Where else can one pillage a Horde town, kill Maiden, 3 Cap in WSG & Get drunk (ingame) within hours of logging in?

My wife is a gamer, she’s been playing vids for years now and while she is bored with WoW (until the expansion where one can change hair and makeup) she respects the time and effort I put into my WoW guild and toons. She  hears the Vent chat while she is on the computer blogging, hears me cuss under and over my breath and she loves that I’m enjoying something. I am blessed to have a NON-condescending ball buster hypocrit wife and for that I am eternally grateful. Alix wrote a wonderful article on aggro from their female partners some months back- here. Check it out it’s a good read. Again, I readily admit I so very lucked out to find a gamer girlfriend—fiance—-wife. Blessed am I.

I will say that one does have to balance the time you spend online with time offline and paying attention to everyday responsibilities. Stuff like work, cleaning, hygene, communicating and basic everyday life has to be balanced with your gaming**

**Unless you live with mom and dad or mom in the basement and don’t have a love besides self-love or in high school– then you only have to do two things. Chores and Grades– the rest of the time you should be geared up in T6. Amirite?**

If your significant other is still a smart @ss about playing WoW, ask her to play with you (ingame). Buy her the game or do a trial (she gets 10 days for free PLUS if she does like it you can have her as a referral for your very own Zebra Mount!) How cool is that?? I bought Alix the Burning Crusade Collectors Edition off of Craigslist for a mere $20.00. If she refuses to play with you, ask her point blank…”What do you enjoy doing?”. Take her answer and think before you speak…here I go generalizing…(suck it)…if she replies with any of the following you must…repeat..MUST reply in kind…if you want to remain together….

  • I enjoy spending time with you! (your reply: I love spending time with you darlin! Let’s go look at quilts!)
  • I like to shop; shoes, clothes(your reply: hand her your CC or debit and hand her the car keys)
  • Reading and blogging(help her with topics like take her to the 1/2 Price bookstore or Borders”– or if your brave- buy her a copy of Dr. Laura Schlessinger “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands“.
  • I want to out dancing! GO!!!! Fuck WoW, get dressed and go dancing! Take a woman out dancing and you are guaranteed to get some later! Trust me.
  • I don’t know…I just want you to spend some time with me…this is NOT an answer– ask her the question again or rephrase it. You need to nail down what she likes to do. Find it out and do it. Women like men of action.
  • I want to go out with the girls! By all means encourage this! This gives her the time to bitch and whine about you to her friends who in return bitch and moan about their husbands– it’s very much like an all girls guild but their common goal isn’t to do Kara under 4 hours but to see whose life/husband is the most fucked up…hopefully you aren’t the one. If you have kids, this is most excellent as you can releave her of the kids and give her a break and can talk with adults.

Once you try these, let me know how it goes. In the end it’s about what you both want and need and taking care of balancing it all. If your girlfriend/wife still is busting your balls about your gaming- stop gaming. We will keep you in the guild but move your status to “inactive” rank. If you are gone for 3+ months we will assume you are no longer interested in WoW and have become a dance instructor at the local YMCA THEN you will get kicked out of the guild.

Gratz Logtar!!!! /Proud

Here are some great articles on wife aggro. First my wifes on HELIUM.


Urban Dictionary

Tee Shirt

WoW Insider

And and EXCELLENT article here!



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3 responses to “I love my gamer wife & tips for wife aggro.

  1. Gratz on aggro management man. My gal and I don’t live together, but she is an internet junkie (fanfic mostly) and I doubt she would begrudge me keyboard time. But I know plenty of guys who are not as lucky as us. And sometimes, like in the case of my friend with a newborn, I admit that some of us don’t spend enough time in the real world. It’s rare, but it happens.

    Oh well, thanks for the links. And Gratz to Logtar!

  2. Thanks 🙂 it was a great journey and everyone helped a little.

    I think I will enjoy greatly leveling other characters, but I am def not a solo player.

    The wife aggro was never really that bad for me, and now that she has Spore she will once again join the ranks of the gamers.

  3. Congrats Log!

    My wife aggro goes up and down depending on her mood. Right now her dad is having a lot of problems and I think my wife is ticked off because I can choose to do things with my free time that she can’t. I did get her to try WoW for a few minutes but unfortunately she rarely plays games and when she does it is a “no brainer” type of game that she can play for 20 minutes and quit at any time.

    I haven’t been able to play much WoW lately but that isn’t entirely the wife’s fault. It is Spore’s and Civ 4:Colonization’s fault =)

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