30% makes all the difference!

Last night we grouped up for a 99.9% guild sponsored Kara run POST patch 3.0 and WOW…I mean WOW. Either we are that much more effective or they took down the hit points by 30% as they stated they did for upper end game Dungeons like SSC and BT. We 1 shot all bosses except Nightbane (2 shot that bitch) all under 2 hours. It was simply amazing and fun. Tonight we plan on full clear then onto SSC this weekend. I need to read up on that… great job guild! (even if they gimped it by 30% or we’re 30% more effective.)

AutumnKnight respec’d to 100% 61 point HOLY and is a healing machine, however I noticed more than a few times I needed MANA- (during Nightbane)- so I will see about boosting my mana pool. Current bonus for AK is just over 1025 heal/damage and with the change to the bonus being “Spell Power” I think she is better for it and versatile for both PvE and PvP. I had her run a EOS after Kara and garnered 3 more Achievement Points and wasn’t killed as fast…Good times indeed!



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2 responses to “30% makes all the difference!

  1. Suhweet! I need to log in and spec. I haven’t been OL at home for 3 nights.

  2. for sure 30% make the different. you bet so.

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