This weekend in WoW for the Old School was everyone getting used to their toons as well as enjoying the Hallows End Holiday. So far Wootbeer, Ivan got them Helm from the Headless Horseman and most everyone who did the quest got the rings and trinkets. We are still waiting for the Mount to drop, I hope one of my toons gets it! We are all also getting used to the new talents and garnering the achievement point systems, which in itself is fun to do. Be sure to checkin in with the INN Keeper everytime you log on for the elusive “Toothpick”.

I wasn’t able to attend to the guilds Zul’Aman run on Saturday night but from all accounts it was fubar. Few people read up on the instance including the leader. We also had some gung-ho members who were still in Greens…..ummm no. While we all appreciate one’s wanting to go to high end content if you are not geared for it you need to NOT go and upgrade. Nothing personal but it is a complete waste of time for all involved and can be costly to ones bank account and patience. So lastnight I started a weekly meeting with the Guild Officers about current events, progressions and addressinig issues within the guild. I think it went well and we also promoted “Yarrow” to a Field Marshal ranking. Congrats! Points made in the meeting;

  • Using all the guilds tools for raiding; Vent, Add Ons, Gear Check, Calendar. If you don’t use these you will not be invited to attend raids.
  • Be On TIME. USE our calendar* (we are planning on using the original add-on group calendar as this new one Blizzard provided sucks ass).
  • Leaders of the raids NEED to take control of the raid, you are appointed for a reason if you cannot take your role as a leader please tell me. The person(s) with the most experience of a specific raid IS TO BE the leader regardless of rank/class.
  • Please note- as guild officers (Ambassadors and Field Marshals) you may need to do your own research on Dungeons/Instances/Boss Fights.

I will post more updates from our meeting as they happen!  Thanks!


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