Essential Add Ons

Per our meeting the other night here are the links for the add-ons we would like you to have if you plan on raiding with us in Kara and beyond. If you choose not to use these you may not be able to attend our raids, it’s up to you. I posted a week or so ago on how to upload them to your system please see that post as a reference.

Threat Meters: Use- shows an active meter going up/down on a target mob-npc and it’s current threat. If you bypass the tanks aggro/threat the npc will attack you and most likely you will die a horrible disgusting death OR worse yet, cause a raid wipe and your name will be cursed until someone else causes a wipe. The purpose is clear enough, stay UNDER the threat so the Tanks can do what they do best…get slapped around and live to loot about it. Listed below are the ones most popular. (Note all these add-ons are being pulled from Also…even though the 3.0 patch has a similar Threat meter ingame it’s very weak and not very accurate nor does it show everyones Threat (just if you are about to over take the threat).

OMEN Threat Meter Diamond ThreatMeter

KLH ThreatMeter

Group Calendar :  as mentioned before the new patch introduced an ingame Calendar but after using it and seeing how it does not have a lot of neccessary features AND you have to “invite” people to participate we decided to 86 it and go with the Standard of Calendars. You MUST use this if you plan on doing anything structured with this guild.


The last addon we highly recommend are raid centric and boss encounters. There tend to be two factions who like one over the other. Deadly Boss Mods and Big Wigs. Try them both and see what you like but you must use one or the other for raiding.

BigWigs Bossmods DeadlyBoss Mods

Helpfu adds on like Questhelper, PerlFrames, Cartographer, Auctioneer, Bartendar are very useful and I’m sure there a lot more I’m missing.




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3 responses to “Essential Add Ons

  1. Ugh, a topic very close to me right now. I spent a good hour wrangling my add-ons before logging in.

    Group Calendar is fine, and DeadlyBossMods is loaded (but I haven’t run it yet).

    KLH Threat meter tho shows up as out of date in my Mods list, and doesn’t appear on my screen. I may have to change to one of the others.

  2. Yeah this new update on WoW always messes up the add-ons. Curse has a designated 3.0+ patch add-on certified area. KLH is kinda buggy– I forgot to post “Recount” which is an excellent addon for detailed reporting on dps, healing, etc.

  3. Trying out new formats I see. I like this better than the last, multi-column, one.

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