I don’t want to seem like I’m not happy with our guild, it’s slow progression even with the nerf but it seems that for some of the guild members, they are simply there to be in a guild vs. helping it out, participating, listening to the officers and my instructions on what we require for raiding. Phrozen and his wife have made attempts at assembling a solid group for Kara. Last night I checked the forums and only 2 people signed up. Our guild calendar had 3 people signed up- 1 of which Sindan said he couldn’t go and the others were the same who signed up on the forums (Phros’).

I’ve had several meeting about signing up. Participation, add-ons (2 articles) and being there for the guild when you SAY you will. I know this is a casual guild but it’s not THAT casual that you can show up anytime you like for raids THEN get all pissy when it’s filled up or when we don’t have enough people to go. I ask little of the guild members except mutual respect, follow the guidelines and participate. Simple.

After the Lich King comes out I will sit down with my core officers and talk about the direction we want to take. My initial thoughts are to CLEAN HOUSE. i.e. Kick those who are too lazy to research boss fights, 1000 excuses not to use add ons, broken mics, late to scheduled raids consistently, wall-flowers (those who do nothing to add to the guild). OR make an entirely NEW guild of high content raiders. Highly structured, organized raiding guild where the requirements are set high and level of play is high. The GM would be one of my Alts or one of the current ranking Ambassadors or Field Marshals. I would partake in this as I do want to take my gear and certain toons to the next level.

Please POST your own thoughts and ideas in the feedback/reply section of this blog.




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3 responses to “Change

  1. OK I may be a wallflower, and I apologize. If it sounds like somebody already has a a raid/group organized for anything from the seasonals or an instance like Kara I don’t try to butt in.

    As for last night, I totally blew it. I read Phrozons bit on our boards and skimmed right past it saying Tuesday.

    In the read tho, I had a blast. I think some peoples sense of humor wore thin but I thought it was a good bunch, and I am not just sucking up because I got the crossbow. I aggroed some non-elites and some of the others may have had to run thru it (not sure, I thought I dumped it all on pet). Yarrow and were supposed to be alt trapping a mob and we ended up on the same cooldown so I’ll call my bad on that as well. Everybody who had been before prepped us for each encounter and I thought we did pretty well. Heck Ragnar even talked to me about some respec options I need to read up on.

    With wrath coming out a lot of this gear will fall by the wayside, but learning teamwork and discipline will help everybody involved. I know some people are tired, but practice is important. I’ll try to be round more on weeknights to pull my weight.

  2. Wallflower you are not. You chat and participate and like last night you raided. The idea behind Kara is just what you said in the last paragraph- team work and learning ones toon like it’s second nature. I pst’ last night with those questions because I did want to know how it was for you and how my officers treat others and I’m glad they did what you said they did. =D

    I don’t necc. think Kara and other Dungeons will fall by the wayside completely as much as it happened with BC.

    I just feel I need to exhibit better leadership and more focus on the guild members who DO want to be in this guild– I know I can’t please everyone but I will try to with those that care.

  3. Sindan

    Your spot on with your clean house idea but the new guild thing seems a bit sketchy, its gunna take about 20 people for that kind of a guild to work.

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