My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Candy

10. Peanut M&M’s

9. Snickers Mini’s (once I steal..err…get them from my kids I put ’em in the freezer)

8. Blow Pops ; Any Flavor minus Sour Apple.

7. Bit O’ Honey :  Awesome Treat…bad on dental work.

6. Fun Dip : Nothing wrong with dipping Sugar Sticks into Powedered Sugar!

5. Pixie Stix : Also noting wrong with colored sugar in a convenient straw package!

4. Gold Mine Gum! : Felt I was Indiana Jones when I got these back in the day! Flavor lasted 10 seconds.

3. Dubble Bubble: LOVE it!!! Will pop 4-5 at a time…

2. ValoMilk :  Made in Kansas City! Ultimate Sin. (btw- I redesigned their packages…)

1. My number 1 is  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!


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One response to “My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Candy

  1. Totally agree with #1!

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