Keep it together!

The last time I went out of town was this past Spring. I came back to the guild and Relavare took over 10 of our guildmates with them. Don’t let that happen. Be strong. Be as ONE within the guild. Refuse the invites from other guilds, tell them to go fuck themselves with an X-acto knife! Tell ’em I said so!! Think the grass is greener? It’s not……..well…depending on where you go it might be but dammit we’re your family! We raised most of you since birth of level 2! We saw you down Hogger, Solo Deadmines, Run a 20 min Stockades with no wipes! We ran you threw Mara- both sides; Orange and Purple!! I can do Ramps blindfolded now! Don’t forget where you came from! Hell!!! When I get back on November 12th I want to see 10 NEW players (all 70) in the guild! I want to see 3 solid groups of Kara going. Dammit!!! Janet~!!!!!

Anyways..I’ll be in Orlando on business this week and part of next. I’ll be able to check mail and forums/blogs but unable to play. God Bless and May the Schwartz be wit ya.



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9 responses to “Keep it together!

  1. On business huh? Well stay off of South OBT. you got NO business down there (think 7 miles of KCs Erotic City).

    Good luck with the trip and we’ll see ya in Wrath!

  2. On business huh? Well stay off of South OBT. you got NO business down there (think 7 miles of KCs Erotic City).

    Good luck with the trip and we’ll see ya in Wrath!

  3. Si, business. My nights are too busy to do anything else besides company dinners and outings. I haven’t been to Orlando since 1982….

    Keep the guild in line! =P I still need to order the LKing special ed. …

  4. I am almost back up to 100% I will make sure we stay strong and get stronger.

  5. Patrick

    Hey, sorry to hear about the lost to Relevare, bad for us, worse for those that left though, based on past experience.

    Anyway, it’s now 7:59 pm here and none of the realms are up yet. They were having mailbox problems. Then one of their realm status websites wasn’t responding, and now it says that the page is also experiencing technical difficulties. Two days before WLK… /ouch

    I’ve been on vent to see if anyone will get on, but it’s empty in here.

    Problems so close to WLK? What ever will we do? Is this the end? I better go stock up on water and canned food. /panic

    No no, seriously Wook, I think the WoW realm collective has become cognitive, and has determined to wait until you get back on.

    Hope you had a pleasant trip. šŸ™‚

  6. Sindan

    Dude, i feel ur pain, its 9pm for me and its still not up

  7. Well I don’t feel so bad for working late now. Got home to find I was late for Kara, but no server. So I made dinner and took out the trash instead.

    Forgot to preorder Wrath, so I may be a little late in getting it. However if these problems persist it may be a moot point.

  8. Patrick

    Hmm, firefox addon said several realms were up, but now down again. lol

  9. And they are down again this morning already. No mention of mail problems but the blurb said they were sorry that a bug let people buy PvP Prplz on the cheap and they were fixing that this morning (and taking the ones bought at the wrong price away).

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