New, Nue, Knew, Nu,

Well my trip to Orlando was both blessed and chaotic. New experiences all around for me and knowing new things helps one’s character. I certainly missed my family both offline and online. I flew in late night on Tuesday from a cold connecting flight from Chicago where it was sleeting as we landed then walked out of the world’s most bestest efficient airport ever KCI to my wife peeking over the divider. Her smile brought an otherwise dejected tired traveler back to life! We hugged, kissed, kissed more and held hands the whole way home. I have no problems showing any type of affection for my wife….just an fyi. I awake the next morning knowing I am to attend a motiviational seminar sponsored by my boss at the SprintCenter! My assistant and I were told we could come in around 10 ish so I arrived at 10:09 then we raced to downtown only to take another hour just to park and ride the shuttle bus. Our company has a Box Suite at the SprintCenter so I found a seat after some quick salutations (of which one was Logtar) and was blasted with the sounds of the “former lead singer of Santana”. WOW. The rest of the day semi-flew by with the speakers; Rudy Guiliani, Colin Powell, Tony Gonzalez, Zig Ziglar and various money managers with Christ in their heart and if you ain’t been saved yet…well your fucked. All in all I loved the seminar and they has some insightful speeches, I only wish it wasn’t so close to my quasi jet lag and having to work 9 straight days. (this is my 11th). I know I’m QQ’ing. Suck it and suck it dry.

So I get’s back and I was graced yesterday with tickets to go see Coldplay at our Suite- courtesy of our Boss and Logtars ears not being 100%. Thanks man! Alo and I enjoyed the concert and needed sometime to ourselves (granted the suite had 11 others but you get my jist). The energy the lead singer puts out in his performance was amazing, he was bouncing around, rolling on the floor, doing high-kicks and making noises. Reminded me of my kids. We left before the encore to get home and see at least 1 of our kids (Raech) and ended the night with the cool air blowing threw our window screen.

WOW-wise yesterday I picked up the expansion at Wal-Mart with Logtar and Corey (he’s a MUD gamer who also spends time playing sports of all things…he says he won’t play WoW for fear of being offered sex (Cyber) with gnomes in dresses.)- I loaded the game when I got home without any hitches and immediately made me a DK named “Arikara” my native american tribal name. The quests are improved and not so spread out (so far) and the ability to upgrade from supplied greens to blues within mins was appreciated. When I entered in the serial numbers I realized at that moment I have to pay 150.00 total to upgrade all my accounts…I’m rounding up. *sigh*  I got to level 57 in no time, got my mount and hopefully tonight will be able to explore more areas. I will feel sorry for those who level to 80 within this week….slow down and enjoy the ride! Don’t be that guy. The premature ejaculator-leveler. Don’t.

Anyway’s it’s good to be back! See you all in the game and not.



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2 responses to “New, Nue, Knew, Nu,

  1. Glad you made it home finally, sounds like a good trip and a better return! I was offered tix to that seminar but couldn’t justify the time away from my desk. Powell is great, I woulda loved to hear him speak. The rest of them aren’t slouches either.

    As for DKs, I LOVE that starter quest area. I dunno how they scael but 55-60 they are more fun than a barrel of Monkeys, with hammers, at a bubblewrap factory! I got mine to 58 and out of the starter line and parked him to rest while I take Curve around.

    Catch you this weekend sometime (unless Alo has you tied up lol).

  2. really ,GOOD I dontt know for this

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