Welcome Gutbuster Brigade!


Logtar’s ability to befriend total strangers resulted in an influx of players from the guild “Gutbusters Brigade” last night. It wasn’t an overnight decision but one that took months to coordinate! If you are from “GB” and now here please take a moment to read our rules and ideals on how we work in this guild. Basically we are all here to have fun playing WoW. I ask of each person mutual respect and if you have any issues to please bring it to myself or the ‘council members’ for discussion. If you feel like this isn’t the guild for you then by all mean please choose a different path but don’t be a stranger and I would love the opportunity to talk with you about the reasons ‘why’ you chose to leave. An exit poll if you will for a chance for me to improve the guild. Other than that, I would consider us a casual guild but with some core players itching to see and get their hands dirty with end game content. See below posts about the ideas of our core gamers wanting to squeeze every chance they can out of this game for gear and content. The catch is these core players *me included* want your undivided attention to being prepared and back what you promise. (be on time, know your limits, take constructive criticism with a grain of salt). Those who are interested in such raids please talk to me or Phrozen. 

Again! Welcome to The Old School guild!



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4 responses to “Welcome Gutbuster Brigade!

  1. Sindan

    Hate having to miss out but, when I get back we gunna PARTAY!!!!! New and old people from the guild invited. Anyway, just wanted to say good bye before I got back into the swing of things outside of wow: job, school, chicks, and beer. Life is grand but its nothing without being OLD SCHOOL. PEACE OUT YALL

  2. Take care SIN. We’ll save you a seat on the shortbus!

  3. Wish ya luck with school Sin. See you when you get back.

  4. Jesulovesu

    How do I sign up for the guild? I just posted on the wow forums- I saw your members had responded to someone else- sounded cool- and so I followed the link…

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