Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Some may have noticed the new header? I had some time to kill so I thought I would add some color to the blog, hope you like it. I placed my some favorite things in the header….

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families! Alix and I are planning on…well….we’re not quite sure since our kids will be out of town..so we might make a traditional dinner or go out to eat. Hrmmmm. We shall see! Nice having options.

Last night at 10:01 P.M. my DeathKnight hit level 70! First in the guild! I did it on the Bornea Tundra killing Deer. lol Blood all over me, P.H.E.T.A. would have skinned me alive… it took me just over 1.5 weeks to go from 55-70. I had a lot of help from the guildies and to those I am greatful! Arikara is looking fine!

I will need to update our guild rules and ranks and will do so this week. We have added over 30 new players in the past 2 weeks. Please realize a couple things…normally we do a lot of guild things like raids, runs, pvp…however since the expansion most everyone are busy grinding up to 80 or whatever. Please don’t judge our guild on lack of helping at this juncture of the game…once we all level up (most) we will then schedule raids like before. Using the group calendar (not the WOW one) we will set up times and events. The other item is the guild bank, if you want to use it please deposit a minimum of 10g, once you do that you are more than welcome to add/withdraw at will (just don’t withdraw to sell items on the AH).- (We have Officers who will do that and make gold deposits). 

Other than that, use the vent, forums and post to this blog! Have a good Holiday!



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2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving 2008

  1. You are truly an eclectic fellow to endorse both Guinness and PBR.

    Gratz on 70! Will have to see about another AK run soon.

    Won’t be on again tonight (OT) but Maybe Wed/Thur and definitely Friday (black Friday can kiss my @$$). So if you are around and need anything don’t hesitate to holler.

  2. PBR on those off paycheck weeks and Guinness on paydays! Actually PBR isn’t bad for the price. Thanks for the gratz, my nose was to the grindstone for sure. I’ll look for you online otherwise have a good Turkey Day!

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