I juggle.

Me Juggling

Me Juggling

Above is a quick sketch I made and my favorite pencil…

I have 3 World of Warcraft Accounts. That’s $45.00 per month. I have 6 level 70+ toons. The 70’s include a Warrior, Warlock, DeathKnight, Priest, Rogue and a Hunter. I’m an addict. I run a guild as best I can but as you can see I get easily distracted. I also have a built in guilt mechanism that won’t allow me to focus on only ONE character for longer than a day or two. That mechanism isn’t exactly a good thing to have when you have as many alts as I have. You never get a lot done. You move in increments. i.e. AutumnKnight hit 71 this past week but my others have only inched along the grinding levels. I am juggling all these toons but I am still happy doing so! I love the variety each one gives me with leveling and spell/talent choices. One thing I do recommend you NOT do is level your DeathKnight from 55-70 in one week like I did then go play your Holy Priest….you will feel many things and one is not being happy. Don’t do it.

I am not complaining…only explaining. Many do not have alts but just one…maybe 2 toons they play with. You are the lucky ones. I have a self proclaimed OCD of WoW coupled with a heavy dose of ADD. I will have to level all my toons to 80. I have to max all their professions. Fishing. Cooking. First Aid. Money Professions too… Blizzard owns me.

I juggle.


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  1. Hey man, the fact you juggle makes me feel a little better. I have played since the original open beta and have played all kinds of toons on both sides. In that time I have finished 4 60+s and 1 70+. Right now I only play 3, well and a banker, but have been considering bringing my mage and others over from my old server. But then I will spend even less time leveling the 3!

    I look at alts this way, sometimes you need a break from something so that you can go back to it later and appreciate it. You enjoy the game, play it your own damn way… or maybe learn to multibox.

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