Guild Meeting tonight (Dec 2nd) what you missed…

Updated the Ranks—Taken from the Guild Rank Page

Updated December 2nd 2008

  1. Guild Master : WookieLuv : My duties include managing the officers when needed, promoting, kicking, schedule events, promote the guild thru PUG’s, appoint valued officers, focus the guild on content and solving issues within the guild.
  2. Council Member : Council Member, proven leadership and maturity. Able to lead, direct, assist GM and others in need of help. Veteran to the game and it’s members. They resolve disputes, conflicts. They lead instances or assist when needed. Access to the guild bank private and public tabs. To be a CM you have to be voted on by current CM’s and/or the GM. 10g daily repair withdraw and 25 withdraw per tab per day.
  3. Chief of Staff : Appointed by the GM’s and Council Members. Has authority to dismiss members. Established relationship with the Ambassadors and all guild members. Proven leadership. Maturity and fairness a must. Access to the guild bank private and public tabs.5g daily repair withdraw and 16 withdraw per tab per day.
  4. General: Appointed by ranks above Chief of Staff. Established repetoire with all players and has the ability to lead when called upon. Has the priv. to dismiss lower ranked members as well as promote.  3g daily repair withdraw and 14 item withdraw per tab per day.
  5. Major: A middle management rank for our guild players who tend to be on a lot but want to be better at their class role and help the guild lowbies (rank-level) .12 item withdraw per tab per day
  6. Captain: Rank is based on limited time to play (avg 6-8 hrs a week) Should be able to help others when called upon. 8 item withdraw per tab per day
  7. Corporal: Up and coming officer- ranks above you will need to work with you in instances, quests and just ‘hang’ for promotion. 5 item withdraw per tab per day
  8. Private: Basic rank that you earn after the trial 2-week period. Prove your worth by helping out, contributing to the guild; socially and helping out when you can. 3 item withdraw per tab per day.
  9. New Recruit: All new players invited are this rank unless you are given special permission from the GM or Council Members. Rank is for a TWO week trial period to see if there is a social fit for all members, including you! NO item withdraws.
  10. InActive: Name says it all. If you do not log on for more than 2 months you will be knocked down to this rank with the only privilege  of guild chat. If you are a high ranked officer consideration will be given to go back to original rank. Talk to the GM. No item withdraws.

How to move up the Guild Rank

  • – Participate in guild events, chat and helping when you can.
  • – Mature enough to deal with issues in guild.
  • – Problem solver and patient.
  • – Know your characters role during raids, instances.

Additional Meeting Note and Topics Discussed

  • Guild Bank Access and Usage
  • Ranks
  • Events and Raid Schedules
  • Add Ons
  • Vent
  • Official Guild T-Shirts
  • Grinding to 80
  • Public and Officer Notes
  • Drama (save it for yo mama)

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