Post meeting thoughts and stuff…

We had over 26 people online and 24 in vent last night for the guild meeting! Thanks for showing up and being on time. To those who were late or didn’t get on vent or were too busy doing something else. You suck. Just kidding…but you did have a whole week to know about the meeting…/end guilt trip.

Overall the meeting was a success, I explained in detail about the new ranking system and the benefits of each rank. Guild bank was discussed– please deposit 10g if you plan on using the bank. Talked about how, currently most everyone is busy leveling up to 80 and once the core players hit that level things will settle down and we can have some sort of structured schedule for events, raids and questing/farming. I love schedules. We also touched on a guild t-shirt which I can design sometime soon and link to cafepress for all to buy- proceeds will go to my wallet up tp $160.00 (80 would go to the Vent server i bought last spring then another 80.00 for renewal). All other proceeds maybe used for a chosen charity? /discuss.

Had some drama just before we raided Thunderbluff (I lagged out and had a world server ‘offline’ so I don’t know what happened). Apparently when I only wanted TWO members of Gutbuster Brigade on the “Council” rank it pissed off a couple members, who were higher rank in their former guild. I will state again, I decided it to be so as I want the Council rank to be very special and have a meaning, not just throwing in people whom I do not know, not quested with or rarely see. I choose Star n Moon for a couple reasons, 1st and foremost it was those two that got with Logtar from the early questing and formed the friendships that in the end, made the guild merger possible. I didn’t know the hierarchy of their guild before and I only based my calls on their ranks because of my trust in John (Logtar). The other reason is this is OLD SCHOOL, not Gutbusters…therefore the structure of ranks do not over ride ours in any element, shape or form. I spoke with the 2 that left soon after and the main crux of leaving was that they were not included in the rank of Council. I explained at length the reasons above and invited them back (they maybe back right now far as I know) but I wont’ put them on the rank of Council but rather the rank of Chief of Staff as originally planned. What I didn’t get was why wouldn’t they have simply PST me vs. guild quitting without a single word? Nothing? Anywhoo… as I said last night, they are welcome back to the guild but I won’t placate to them in regards to rank….no can do. I understand this game can get very personal and sometimes we let things get to us that in the end is petty…so please reconsider your actions.

Onward– from the turnout last night, I think we are heading in the right direction as a guild of casual and semi-serious players! Thanks again for your time and effort you put into this guild.



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8 responses to “Post meeting thoughts and stuff…

  1. I was honestly dumbfounded by the actions last night. I did not get why neither you, moon, star or I got approached… that was weird and IMO childish way to reply.

    You said it very wisely (I came to the same conclusion last night) THIS IS A THE OLD SCHOOL, we opened the doors not gave the keys away to the kingdom.

    Moon and Star are great people and deserve the rank not just because they have a personal relationship with me but because they have been leaders every time I have played with them. They have helped many level, including me. The other people I’ve had limited playing time and contact with and even if they ran the other guild, they still need to have better communication. Yesterdays display to me says that they are not equipped to lead others if instead of talking things out they walk out.

    I have no patience for drama. If you want something ask for it.

  2. First of all, on your last post you have Chief of Staff withdrawing more items than council (typo obviously).

    Second I did detect some question of why all Gut Busters weren’t council members on vent. It seems obvious to me that if all legacy members of TOS weren’t on the council, then all members of GBB wouldn’t. There aren’t a lot of people on the council (if you look on Armory it looks like more because of members alts). Star and Moon seem perfectly able to recommend any of their peers for a vote to the council. I have been in a guild that got merged, and I went from senior officer to regular player. Even tho everything I needed was granted to me at that level, it was still a shock. I hope the GBB folks give us a chance.

    And Third, after seeing all the 80s last night I need to get my rear end leveling!

  3. I might schedule some UK runs and then Nexus to start getting levels, I got about 1/3 of 72 in a couple of runs.

  4. I still need to do some runs…noneofma toons have been. I decided to focus leveling AK but still work on professions on my other toons. I am currently using the ingame Calendar…I need to download ‘group calendar’ tonight.

  5. Yeah I got 1/4 of 70-71 in UK. If I ever have time to play I am up for a run. Hows Friday evening for you guys? I may be working days all weekend.

  6. Sindan

    I have to say, sounds like you guys doin great with out me. I died a little on the inside when i found out that Im no longer the guild drunk but, u gotta do what u gotta do

  7. We are all trying to drink a little in memory. Having a hard time meeting the quantity standards you set.

  8. If and when you come back we may have to make a new rank..but until then….(nice incentive eh?)

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