For me this is the first snow fall of the season, I was out of town last week in Atlantic City when the snow fell here in Kansas City. In A.C. it was initially 21 degrees and typical for the eastern seaboard but the very next day the temps shot up to the 50s and 60s. I love the first snow fall like todays. It’s clean, crisp and biting.  I don’t like week old snow with it’s rootbeer-esque slush look and salt/sand slowing eating away my cars undercarriage. It did take me just over an hour to go 7 miles to work, seems most drivers are not used to snow. I’m sure my kids and Alo’s are praying for school closures and am sure it will happen today/tomorrow. Time to unplug the router.

WOW wise I am a slow starter about getting back into the groove, for the past 5 weeks I’ve been on the road 2 weeks since the expansion came out. As guild leader I believe I should show some sort of example of leveling and finding a niche in the characters and just before the expansion I was (imo) the top healer of the guild in as far as gear and ability to go into instances and lead when needed. Now, not so much. I don’t blame Bush for my lack of gusto for grinding out another 10 levels, I blame the power of laziness. I blame the power of love and wanting to hang with my Alo vs. 3-5 hours a night in game. Granted, the guild has been up and up with typically 10-20 people online at night and most are near 80 but lately I’ve been AFK from WOW. Since I’m a creature of habit and my schedule has been far from the norm it takes me awhile to get back in ‘it’.

Ivanvonivan posted another PvP Tournament scheduled for January 3rd. More information is located on our Forums. It’s open to The Old School Academy and any members from Old School. IF you do participate please represent yourself as a guild. Don’t be an asshole like ‘Macstanding’ or other former Academy members (or present). I’d sooner kick you than let you tarnish Ivan’s new shield and Helm. He is also looking for a couple volunteers to keep track of matches, please get with him ingame or post here.

I will be choosing a Player of the Month at the above tournament. Winner will recieve a 20 slot bag and 250 gold. Are you asking “How can I be POM?” – simple. Help the guild and don’t be an asshole. I will be talking with the officers in the coming weeks to narrow down the selections. If you want to donate to the prize pool (I am currently making the bag and pulling 250 gold from the guild bank) please post here or forums or talk with me ingame.

On that note- Hilary Duff turned 21 this year…


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