Looking for a Partner (no homo)

The New PvP Arena Season is upon us and while I may not be 80 I do want to make an effort to get the gear. So…I am looking for some partners to do 2v2 and 3v3…the toons I want to get geared are AutumnKnight (spec’d Shadow), WookieLuv (BeastMaster spec) and my DeathKnight Arikara who is a hybrid spec but mostly Unholy.  I’ve had partners in the past and we had ups and downs but mostly they didn’t like losing (who does?) but I am willing to lose some for the sake of the gear. I want to have a set schedule to run all 3 toons or whichever I can get going consistently. Say Mondays (eve) , Thurs (eve) and Sat (morning)– but am pretty much open to ideas.   As I mentioned I don’t have any level 80’s and won’t anytime SOON so if you are OK with me being low 70’s for the time being please let me know!  

Couple quick notes– recruiting, please continue but keep in mind some standards must be followed.

  • Minimum Level Requirement is 55. Exceptions are family and friends you know in real life.
  • Inform them that this is not a Hard Core guild and will not tolerate elitism or leet speak (constantly).
  • We are looking for Quality players who are mature and did I mention mature? We have a lot of 20-30-40’s in the guild, keep that in mind.


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4 responses to “Looking for a Partner (no homo)

  1. I don’t feel mature, today I feel old.

  2. It’s the weather! Let’s all move Kansas to the Gulf Of Mexico and make a KANSAS Island……../ponder

  3. Dude, KC not KS. If you move KS I’ll still be stuck here, but Micro Center will be gone 😦

  4. Sindan


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