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Guild Meeting Feb 6th @ 9 p.m.

Please try and attend our monthly guild meeting set for Feb 6th, 2009 @ 9 p.m. Server Time. I want you all to be in Vent and at the Beer Garden in Dalaran. If you are under a certain level but DO have WOTLK we will summon you. If you do not have WOTLK you must be in vent. Don’t have it? Go get it, it’s free. No excuses. I don’t expect you to go and buy a Mic, but I expect you to make the effort to listen to what will be discussed. 

If you are unable to go– here is a quick brief;

  • Naxx   what it will take to get this instance on farm and get you geared to go.
  • Goals of the guild, do we want to be more casual or raid like or continue with the combo.
  • Promotions (any promotions will happen at this time)
  • Guild Bank (push for the final tab – need 5k g)
  • Player of the Month #2 (Council and COS please Pst me your votes)
  • Add Ons (mandatory and non-mandatory)
  • Schedules (using Group Calendar & the WoW Calendar)
  • Set Raid Times
  • Recruiting

Among these topics I want to delegate certain Class Leaders, meaning “named” members who will be the point person for these type of events/leadership.

  • PvP Leader; one who will organize World PvP and Battleground events. Must be proven leader and the ability to organize said events AND a History of PvP experience but mature enough to listen to others advice and take it in. A new Title would be created
  • Instance Raid Leaders; specific members who can lead the 80+ Raids Naxx and beyond. A new Title would be created.
  • Experienced PvE leader– one to help others with content, learning the locations, reputations, the whose who of WoW Knowledge and the ability to deal with all types of personalities. A new Title would be created.
  • Recruitment Officer– must be GOOD Judge of Character for the guild. Will lead the drive in forum advertisements on the Forums, in Trade Channel/Guild Recruitment. A new Title would be created.
  • Event Coordinator– Schedule Raids, Parties, Meetings, – works closely with the Other Leads. Highly organized. 

If we can fill these spots it would be fantastic in a sense that the burden of running a guild not just by me but the other officers will make the guild that much better experience for all. Less distraction, more focus on fun and what we want to do in game.  If ANY of you are interested in the positions please contact me here in the comments section or in game. I will most likely have to reorganize the ranks again but it is also for the better. 

See you all this weekend. Have a good one.



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Naxx, Pilton & a new Guild Masta!

WoW Gods Willing– I will attend our guild run of Naxx (3rd week) where I can heal our members with my now 6 second delay CoH! Thanks Mr. Patch!!!  Healing as a Priest has always been semi- challenging, not so much solo play or under played instances but the upper ones where the run depends just as much on you as it does the tank. Last year (ironically) we were doing our first FULL guild runs of Kara. Yes, we tend to be behind 6-9 months progression as every other server but Azshara is our home…..

So, I’m a bit nervous to heal as I was a year ago with Kara. Ya see, a lot of our guild members are itching to get that gear and if we are not successful in a short amount of time I can see a small exodus. I don’t like those. They happen, but I don’t have to like them and as the guild leader I feel responsible, as any leader should. I know I can’t nip all issues in the bud and this is a major one that is dependent almost fully on ones attitude and patience. Let’s hope we can all stay together and use Naxx as a platform to hone our skills and become one with the FORCE.

Last night I bought Haris Pilton’s GIGANTIQUE bag for $1200.00 Gold. It holds 22 items. I got the Achievement, the bag and a wink from Haris– here are my recent AP’s .  While I got a few comments how I was crazy, stupid, dumb, wasteful for spending $1200 on a bag I see it as an achievement. I could afford it. I earn it. Making money in WoW is like anything else, you just have to spend some time doing it and make smart decisions. I sell bags, mats, loot almost every day with Pinkney my bank alt. I also hoard items in other bank accounts and watch the Auction House market to make my killing. So, yeah I could have spent $1200 on something more value based but I chose to get on the good side of Haris…and if and when I feel the need to get another 1200 gold bag I will! My next big ticket purchase is the Mammoth Mount for 18,000 gold. I predict I will have that in about 90 days….according to my calculations….lolz.

yeah....three young nubile ladies playing WoW and needing gold....

yeah....three young nubile ladies playing WoW and needing gold....

I plan on making AK the Guild Master tonight or this weekend, whichever comes first, makes little sense that WookieLuv is only 71 and not attended to like AK is…..I hope to transfer of power is a peaceful one, this is my tribute of the Bush and Obama. 

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Two Timer

SWG and it’s forums are back. I posted before I can juggle. Below is my new forum signature. I need to update our own forums signature, the current one is very dated….back when 60 was the new 40.



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Happy Birthday Blog



Jan 19th of last year I started this blog, so I’m a little late with wishing it a Happy One Year Anniversary. I went and read/skimmed over the past years posts and am ok with the content and its writing style, not great nor bad. Meh. Seemed to go by fast. I’ve been online posting and writing for over 10 years just not in Blog forms but mostly forums….all types of forums from games SWG to WoW, Local Topic Sites, BBS,KC Singles where my writing captured the attention of my wife and various randoms like 

Happy Annie! Old School Blog!

I finally hit level 80 this weekend! I could have leveled faster and been more active but with the release in November with me in Orlando then in Atlantic City in December slowed my progression and focus. We all have our own pace. Last night I ran my first Heroic (Healing) with Jeffvysok and the rest were Pugs, we did Nexus and I got 3 achievements on the run; 50+ Stonekeepers, 1+ Emblom of Heroic (msp) and the Finish of Nexus on Heroic – and upped my Spell Power +200 with this lovely piece of equipment! War Mace of Unrequited Love (how is that for being virtuous and sexy at the same time?) I also got one more AP with 10 Dalaran Cooking Rewards– my AP’s are here.  So it was a quick and fun evening.

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Teeth Movie Review.


Alix and I have passed this movie many times @ Blockbuster and many times picked it up, read the back cover and chuckled. Movie called “Teeth” which apparently is a Blockbuster store exclusive/extreme release. If you didn’t click the link to imdb then I will let you know the premise in this un-professional review. Spoilers and all. 

The first scene pans down from a clear blue sky onto two nuclear reactors on the horizon with a suburbia like summer where a newly married couple with 1 kid of their own are lounging on K-Mart summer recliners and their kids are in a small round pool. The son (Brad)  is splashing water on the younger newer sibling girl (Dawn) and his dad asks him to stop but proceeds to ignore his dad. Next scene is the little boy brat is crying because his index finger is mutilated. Apparently he tries to finger diddle his new half sister. 

Flash forward to High School, same house, same family, same Nuclear Reactors in the background. The daughter who is a cross between 3-4 actresses – think a young 16 candles Joan Cusac, the blond from Mama Mia/Big Love, Sharon Stone– all rolled into this Abstinence Promoting Teen who wears a promise ring (of no premarital sex) proudly. Her Mother is slowly dying of something (they never tell us), her step brother had grown into a Slacker-Tattooed-Shaved Head-Owns a Rottweiler-sticks dog bones in his skanky girl friends mouths type guy. Who happens to be obsessed with his own step sister. (He’s also a regular on CSI & Nip/Tuck).

I fell in love with the music which is used sparingly throughout and is so NOT timely which makes it even better. The facial expressions and gestures from Dawn range from bumbling blonde on Prozac to extreme disorientation and frustration, how one has that many muscles in one’s forehead is beyond me. 

Unknowingly Dawn has what mythological times and Doctors call a “Toothed Vagina” and only a ‘Hero’ can conquer it. Well…her hormones on abstinence lose out as she and a fellow abstinence’rrrr go to the local water hole (literally) and giggle themselves into a secluded cave where they get all hot and heavy. The guy’s mistake was to go for her little boobies like 20 seconds into it…she pulls away and he starts to rape her. She’s  yelling NO and NO!!! when you hear a ‘CRUNCH’ then he screams NO!! NOO!! and something like ‘ARRRRRHHHHHH’  he just got John Wayne Bobbitt’d. He stumbles away back to the lake and she’s too shocked to move for apparently hours. At this point I’m thinking….wow……you go girl or what if women had that kind of defense mechanism built in? Do you know how many women/ladies would never be subject to the sexual assaults and rapes? A lot.

Anywhoo– the dood ends up dead in the lake from massive blood loss. Dawn, in the mean time goes to a OBGYN and has him do a check up (first time for her being in them stirups- msp?) Sure enough the Doc loses 4 outta 5 fingers (keeps the thumb) and a bloody mess ensues and screaming. She rides back home (she doesn’t drive but a Ten Speed…who rides Ten Speeds??) to see her Mother dead in the hall way while her brother down the hall is doggy-styling his skanky girlfriend (which, really she wasn’t skanky but when you stick around after your beau stick a dog bone in your mouth..well….you fall into the skank category)…. in his room (door open). The Husband/Father is NO WHERE to be seen…it’s like 10 P.M. and he is always gone….

Welp, her next victim is a wanna-be cool guy who she goes to as she has no other place to go…Mom’s dead, Dad’s MIA, Brother is busy doing the nasty. She confesses to the killing of the first guy then the OBGYN but the new dood just laughs it off and feeds her some Roofies as she’s taking a bubble bath. He lights candles all over the room (which happens to be his parents Garage)…in the hopes of being the Conquering Hero of her Toothed Vagina!!!  He does…but he does it the right way, the long lost art of foreplay. And a finger vibrator….oh and the roofies….all make for her TOOTHED VAGINA to be relaxed and lucid. They have pre-marital sex!!! AND she enjoys it! She has found her HERO!!!  Until…he gets a cell call from his homie asking what he’s doing and replies in kind with the response of any male teenager. Boasting about a bet he made that he could do the duty with her. Alix and I knew what was coming…as she straddles him she ‘chops’ off his cock with precision. She hops off and casually opens of the Garage door (non-electric) and states “Some Hero…” — meanwhile blood is squirting out of his cock all over the bed and he’s screaming like one would…but reaches up to the intercom next to his bed and says “Mom!…..Mom??!!”   Classic. 

She decides to finish off her sadistic brother by putting on some eyeliner, lip gloss and eye shadow…oh and a white dress…short scene short– she chops of his cock with her TOOTHED VAGINA for letting her mother die in the hallway and for basically being an asshole. This one is extra harsh in that she chomps down on it so hard she gets outta bed and the scene of her standing there– his cock drops out…where the beloved Rottweiler quickly snaps it up and chews on it…..yeah…I know…awesome  huh??

By now she’s run out of cocks to cut off so she decides to hit the road (like Jack Keroac) with her Ten Speed….she eventually gets a flat– we can tell this because shes on the side of the road with the Ten Speed upside down and she’s ‘spinning’ the tires…Thumbs up and not 10 seconds she has a ride. I mean who would pass up a 17 year old blonde who looks like Joan Cusack/The Girl from Mama Mia/Sharon Stone with a Toothed Vagina??   She hops into a 1981 Cadillac Seville driven by a Old Dood– they get to a Quick Trip where he won’t let her out of the Caddy…he teases her with the electric lock (up/down)..she finally gives up….turns to him…and smiles.  The End.

We have no clue if her brother lives–  I don’t know if I’d want to…where her Step Dad is or nothing, which in the end is a good thing. I’d recommend this movie to my friends as long as they fit the following attributes.

1. You like Campy Movies

2. You have a semi-sick sense of humor.

3. You believe women should have TOOTHED VAGINAS as a defense mechanism.

4. You rent from Blockbuster.




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Expanding My Worth

(Above is my all time favorite sculpture by Mikey Angelo)

My background consists of years of drawing. My fathers art studio in the basement of our tiny little house on Pinkney street I spent hours and days and weeks drawing anything I could think of, find, copy. I had access to the original media of art and design, markers, paints ; oils, acryllic, water color, air brush as well as loads and loads of ruby lift and templates. I grew up with one of my best friends whose drawing ability and pure talent made my stuff look like shit, James Widmark. He is famous in Omaha and in some circles in the late 1990’s as he made his own comic book line and had James O’Barr (Creator of The CROW)– do his cover for him. My father was my inspiration to get into art and James Widmark was the driving force for me to do better as a burgeoning artist. James Widmark passed away a few years ago from asthma, untimely and tragic. As I grew up I kept drawing but never thought much of it as a career as my interests varied from Astronomy in HS to Pre Law to Russian History Major in College. Coming back to my roots of drawing and design I came in just at the time of Apple and the “Desktop Publishing” era. I coupled my experience with traditional media of Illustration with Adobe Products. 

I became very efficient with Photoshop, Illustrator during the 1990’s and taught Photoshop classes at Longview College. Then, ONE day (not really…) I realized my skills were being slowly antiquated with the explosion of the internet software – i.e. FLASH, Video and Music. Media I never really paid attention to…why would I since I knew the in’s and out’s of nearly ALL aspects of printing– screenprint, offset, dry offset, flexographic, embroidery… I knew in the back of my ego driven heart that I was being left behind. Niche is key for success in this market of design and illustration and in most fields. 

It’s nice being in this field for it’s ability to challenge oneself when you want to be. A passive aggressive design field where only the ambitious make a name and certain level of income. I was dead to the world in the last career move where I was grinding to the sound of 25 days of ‘Production’ work and maybe 5 days worth of creative. I started out with my initial 4 years of employment full of excitement and not being content then before I knew it that creative wanton lust was lost to the sense of security one can get being at a job over 5 years. Saying I was content would be a stretch. My outlets for creativity was Freelance work and certain clients who would let me have full reign of design. 

Currently I am given the wonderful opportunity to work in some new media and I am taking it all in with deep breaths. Video, Flash, Animation are all relatively new to me and I love the chance to delve into new stuff.  I roll with the wave. Deadlines and all.

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Logtar Hits It!

Congratz to Logtar for hitting level 80 in Violet Hold lastnight! Seems like just yesterday I was gratzing him on 70. Time Flys. Now it’s my turn to hit it. AK (AutumnKnight) is 75% thru 78 and will hit 79 TONIGHT dammit (Janet). Ordur (Tyiako’s healer) hit 76 last night and I cannot, will not be passed up by a Dwarf. Depending on my help, I expect to be 80 by Friday….or sooner. Then I can start doing Heroics and catching up on Reputation, Professions, cashing in my PvP points for PvP gear, plead with others to do Arena wit me, Heal half the server…ya know…just like I did at 70.

Tonight is the Guilds second Naxx attempt and hopefully they will get farther than last week and also be patient with eachother. For some (NOT ALL) they are getting anxious as some ZOOMED to level 80 and have been waiting for others to catch up, in the mean time they get bored or frustrated with the tempo Old School has and start to look elsewhere for a Guild Home. I’ve always and will continue to state my mantra of “Your Dime, Your Time” coupled with the “Do what makes you happy”. We have people come and go and to those who have been around since near the beginning I salute you! I know it’s hard at times when your goals and aspirations for end game content and gear seem too far away with this type of guild but with the changes Blizzard has implemented I believe we will see it all. Just be patient.  What pisses me off is when people leave without saying a word to me or the other officers, they simply /gquit. I don’t give a poop about those who never log in or are the proverbial wall flowers and quit, it’s the ones we went thru Kara with, the ones who we met when they were at STV and needed help with the bothersome Horde. The ones we loaned gold and TIME to…the ones we thought were ‘Loyal’ (Yes I know it’s a loose and relative term) and for some strange reason thought would stick around with their friends and in some cases, family til the very end of their playing WoW.  Those people, no matter the reasons they chose to leave (besides quitting the game..but rather wanting the ‘PHAT LOOTZ’) seems fucked up to me. I don’t believe I’m alone in this feeling. 

For me, as the GM of Old School I try and appease as much as I can and do so, for the most part very willingly as we’ve ‘grown’ together in levels and in vent. I know I cannot please everyone and know it’s impossible to think that. I’m growing as a Guild Leader and take leads from certain members of the guild and expand on their individual nuances, i.e. Logtar’s ability to PUG it and make lasting friendships or Pathe’s ability to simply be cool in every situation Fubar or otherwise.

The Old School is growing and with that growth I will need to focus more on not only my ability and knowledge of the game but to communicate with everyone much more clear and concise. Please do not hesitate to give me a PST or email or group with me in game. I try and be fair in all cases and listen to both sides. I would like each member to continue being respectful to each other and do not condescend or belittle those who are not yet at your level or gear prepared. TOSA is based on the principles of mutual respect and friendship NOT elitism and the idea that you are better than others in the aspects of WoW…I will give verbal warnings to those who do not follow that ideal and if it continues I wish you the best of luck in WoW in another guild. This applies to ALL members from the lowest rank to each and every “Council Member”.  

With that…I will see you all online!  Good Luck Tonight!



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